Dodger's star Justin Turner: Rob Manfred has just shown how clueless he is


Rob Manfred has redirected some of the baseball rage to the Astros. Unfortunately, the pitchforks are now also aimed at him.

Manfred caught the anger of fans and players to explain why the Astros players weren't punished and why the team wasn't relieved of their 2017 World Cup. These comments included that Manfred described the World Series Trophy on Sunday as “a piece of metal”.

"I don't know if the Commissioner has ever won anything in his life," Dodgers infielder Justin Turner told the Los Angeles Times on Monday. "Maybe he doesn't have it. But the reason why every guy is in this room, the reason why every guy trains out of season and shows up early for camp and all the time and effort is special for this trophy, by the way the commissioner's trophy is called.

"So that he can devalue it as he did [Sunday] just tell me how contactless he is with the players in this game. At this point, the only thing that devalues ​​this trophy is that it says “Commissioner”. "

Turner and the Dodgers lost this World Series in seven games against the Astros, which was part of a series of painful failures after the season for the championship franchise. Dodgers players were among the most outspoken with their Astros anger, led by 2019 NL MVP Cody Bellinger.

Rob Manfred; Justin Turner
Rob Manfred; Justin TurnerGetty Images

Manfred granted immunity to Astros players by revealing the details of the sign theft scheme they used on their way to the franchise's first World Series in 2017. Manager A.J. Hinch and GM Jeff Luhnow were banned for one season and then fired by owner Jim Crane. The team also lost draft picks and was fined $ 5 million.

Turner questioned the thoroughness of the investigation, which found that the Astros was defrauded in 2017 and parts of 2018, but not in 2019. Some have blamed Houston for Jose Altuve's bizarre ALCS celebration, when he yelled at teammates Not to have torn his jersey out of using Summer.

“I think it depends on everyone saying again and again: 'The facts, the facts. You don't know the facts. These are the facts, ”said the 35-year-old ex-Met. "I don't think anyone knows the facts. I think everyone just wants to hear all the facts. And I think the Commissioner didn't do well to reveal all the facts to me. I still think there are some things that we don't know. "

Manfred said the investigation requires players to work together to succeed, and he wouldn't have gotten it if he hadn't given players immunity. Like others, Turner fears that this will be a "weak precedent" for the future and will invite other players to try to cheat.

"Now anyone who walks forward and cheats to win a World Series can live with themselves and know," Oh, it's fine. , , , We'll cheat in the World Series and bring the title back to LA. Screw Dave Roberts and screw Andrew [Friedman]"Turner said about the Dodgers manager and team president." It's just the guys who lose their jobs. I am still called a champion for the rest of my life. "In this case, he set the precedent yesterday."