Dodgers went into trouble with Joc Pederson after the Mookie Betts trade was revised

<pre><pre>Dodgers went into trouble with Joc Pederson after the Mookie Betts trade was revised

When the Red Sox settled a late deal that eventually sent star outfield player Mookie Betts to the Dodgers, another trade broke down.

The deal that would have sent Dodgers outfielder Joc Pederson and other players to the Angels will no longer take place. The transaction was put on hold when the Dodgers and Red Sox went through the details of the bed trade, which also sent pitcher David Price to Los Angeles, in exchange for outfielder Alex Verdugo, shortstop Jeter Downs, and catcher Connor Wong The athletic,

The Angels owner Arte Moreno became impatient and, according to the report, closed the deal. There was a possibility that it could then be revived, but the Dodgers didn't seem to think it was necessary after the changes made to the Betts trade.

Sending bets to the Dodgers was originally part of a blockbuster three-team deal that came about almost a week before the Red Sox put the brakes on. Along with Betts and Price, who went to the Dodgers, Verdugo and Twins went to Boston. Los Angeles starter Kenta Maeda should also be purchased by the twins.

But Graterol's medical history – Tommy John's surgery in 2016 and the missed time in 2019 due to a shoulder injury – prompted the Red Sox to reevaluate the exchange, according to The Athletic.

As a result, the deal was revised and the Dodgers were still able to purchase the 2018 MVP and AL Cy Young winner in 2012, with the Red Sox agreeing to pay half of the remaining $ 96 million for the deal, according to the ESPN.

The Twins and Dodgers have prepared a separate transaction to send Maeda and cash against Graterol, full-back Luke Raley, and number 67 in this year's draft to Minnesota.