Does Erectile Dysfunction Necessarily Mean Impotence?


When you speak about impotence in males, it necessarily means that he is incapable to have an erection or produce proper sperm that can lead to fertility. It can be a permanent issue or can be a temporary one, but the net outcome of it is the same. There are different levels of impotence, some of which are curable within a few months or so, some take years to be resolved and again there are some which cannot be treated. The last parameter is meant for the older ones mostly. The essential issue that lies behind this impotence in male is the lack of testosterone secretion in their body. This can be treated at a younger age, but for the older people, increasing the decreased level of testosterone can show some other mark-ups and hence the physicians won’t take the risk in them.

What is ED

ED or erectile dysfunction, on the other end is also one type of impotence, since the penis of the males, here too, cannot get the proper erection. This can be a no-erection or can be something where the erection cannot be made stable for long. However, here the ailment is not directly connected with testosterone and ED doesn’t essentially mean that your sperm is not having the proper float or count in them. The basic cause of the ailment is the lack of flow of blood through the veins and hence is much more different from that of the so-called impotence. This ailment is also treatable and that can be treated within a year or so. However, the bad thing here is the coronial diseases. Since related to blood pressure, coronial ailment and additional cardiac or cerebral ailments remain with the same. There are some of the popular medicines too that you can take for treating the same, like Cenforce 100 or Fildena 100. However, do not take them randomly, before consulting with your PCP.

Reasons for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a turmoil related to the penis. It could be caused because of different illnesses including diabetes, low blood pressure or anxiety disorder. The keyword in this ailment is that the synchronization between the body and the mind of the penis and your brain is not proper. Hence, the penis won’t receive the signal that the brain transmits, resulting in a lack of response to the sexual urges and hormonal discharges.

There are different medical problems that could be a definitive factor behind the reason for your erectile dysfunction. However, the most interesting thing here is that the ailments can be the reason for you to have ED, but the opposite one is also a valid one. That essentially means that you can develop the illnesses if you are having ED. The common most among them are –

  • Cardiac ailments
  • Diabetes
  • Neurological inability
  • The irregular thumping of the heart
  • High circulatory strain
  • Obesity

Along with the bigger issues that are stated above, research showed that the minor issues are even more responsible for your ED. Some of them are –

  • Excessive stress at workplace or family matters
  • Over-eating and too much tendency to have fatty items in your supper
  • And addiction towards – alcohol, smoking and watching pornography

Direct effects of erectile dysfunction

As said earlier, just like the above things can cause ED in you, ED can likewise feed you with the above-mentioned ailments and along with that, the familiar issues are always there. Separation from marriage, losing temper frequently and hence you can even lose your job.

What is Impotence and how it is different?

Impotence, as said earlier is directly the outcome of low testosterone. However, the effect of it is somewhat similar to that of ED. However, there are different stances of impotence and in some cases, it is much different from that of ED. ED essentially means that there will be no erection or if also there is erection, you will not be able to hold that erection for a longer phase. Hence, it is more or less related to erection. On the other hand, impotence is related to the incapability of providing fertility to the female counterpart. Adding up all the things, some instances related to the similarity and dissimilarity between the two comes out as mentioned below –

  • It can be that your ED is related to testosterone. In such cases, you will neither have the erection of the penis nor can provide your female counterpart proper sperm float or count. In such cases, your ED is quite similar to that of impotence.
  • On some other occasions, you can have proper sperm count, proper testosterone flow, and even proper float in your sperm, but you are experiencing low blood flow at your penis, which resulted in ED. In such cases, your Ed is not at all like impotence, since the essential thing in impotence is infertility, which is not there in you, although you are having ED. Hence just treating the blood flow at your penis at this level can be the needful that can be done. You can have different medicines like Cenforce 100 or Fildena 100, as per the recommendation of the doctor to treat the ailment. However, that depends on the reason that has caused the ED. It can be smoking hard, can be for your alcoholic nature and can also be due to over fat generation at your veins.
  • The last thing to be mentioned here is that there is almost no stance, where impotence is caused due to mental pressure. It is a hardcore physical ailment and the body alone is related to it. in case of ED, the thing is different. Research states that more than 60% of the patients having ED are having mental pressure as the core reason.

Hence, to be very much on track, impotence and ED are not similar or they are not the synonymic words. In some of the stances, ED might be like that of impotence, but the stance is very low in the count. Whatever the clauses and the reasons behind the ailments might be, the last outcome is your bedtime sensation and your fertilized sperm ejection that can make your partner pregnant. In both the stances, you will be deviating from the need and thereby lays the similarity between the two.