Drew Pearson, the cowboy legend, is the face of the ultimate Hall of Fame heartache

<pre><pre>Drew Pearson, the cowboy legend, is the face of the ultimate Hall of Fame heartache

Former Dallas Cowboys star Drew Pearson was surrounded by family and friends when he found he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame Centennial Class on Wednesday.

A video showed Pearson upset and understandably frustrated when he found out he wasn't part of the group that was due to be inducted into the Hall of Fame this summer.

"You broke my heart," says Pearson in the clip.

The former Cowboys recipient is the only member of the 1970s All Decade team that is not represented in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He later told ESPN that he was not giving up hope of one day coming to Canton, Ohio.

"I will stick with it until today, and after all of this text and internet content has stopped, I will continue," he said. "This is my life story. Nothing has ever been easy. I came here as [an] uncovered free agent. As a child I had a bone disease, went to Tulsa, had three defeats in four years, three head coaches in four years, three years on probation, was not drafted, signed for $ 150, made the team, and overcame the chances with 100 beginners in the camp , Then take this opportunity after you've made it. I made All-Pro my second year and had more than 1,000 meters in my second year. "

"It's like the Robert Frost poem. I took the less-used road. My career was always about less-used roads."

Pearson said he was happy with the boys who came in and didn't want his frustrations to take the day away from them. His former teammate and security officer Cliff Harris, former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue; offensive linemen Jim Covert, Winston Hill and Duke Slater; Harold Carmichael, defenders Ed Sprinkle and Mac Speedie, defenders Bobby Dillon and Donnie Shell, defenders Alex Karras and former general manager George Young were all inducted into the Centennial Class of the Hall of Fame.

"If it happens, I'm very grateful," said Pearson. "I will still be just as excited because I think I deserve it and hopefully it will happen someday. If not, I can't just wait for it. I can't sit and hope anymore.

"If you, as an all-decade player of the 70s, are not able to earn your money and see others who have managed to make it all-decade players, then I don't appreciate them." I only say if they are, then I am too. It’s frustrating. I respect the process, but I was disappointed with the way it happened. "

Pearson spent his entire career with the Cowboys from 1973 to 1983. He had 489 receptions for 7,822 yards and 48 touchdowns. He was a three-time All-Pro recipient and won a Super Bowl.