Dwyane Wade extravagantly one of the raids in the Leon Rose Knicks partnership

<pre><pre>Dwyane Wade extravagantly one of the raids in the Leon Rose Knicks partnership

Leon Rose can learn to hate the Miami Heat when he turns from super agent to president of Knicks, but not this past weekend.

One of the reasons to officially join the Knicks is his participation in Heat's three-day Dwyane Wade extravaganza this weekend, which Rose helped plan.

It will be one of Rose's last actions as an agent. Wade has been with the Creative Artists Agency for many years. Rose's colleague Henry Thomas was Wade's main agent until he died in 2018. After that Rose became better known in Wade's team.

In fact, Rose, LeBron James & # 39; former agent, was recognized as an architect of the Miami Dream Team in 2010 when James, Wade and Chris Bosh were all free agents and had to arrange their contracts exactly the same way. This is the type of blockbuster that Knicks owner James Dolan expects from Rose – with all of its connections to former customers.

The calf awards – called "L3GACY Celebration" – take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The Friday event at the AmericanAirlines Arena will be a series of honors to honor Wade's impact on the heat and community in South Florida. Wades Jersey No. 3 will retire on Saturday from the heat of the Cavaliers.

A documentary will be screened on Sunday that highlights Wade's NBA career. The 13-time all-star and three-time champion speaks to the crowd.

The Knicks will play in Miami on March 13. Until then, Rose should officially be the President of the Knicks.