Eagles Seahawks injury report: At the latest who could miss the NFC wildcard game

<pre><pre>Eagles Seahawks injury report: At the latest who could miss the NFC wildcard game


The Eagles hope to finally get good news on the injury front before Sunday's Seahawks matchup in the NFC wildcard round.

The Eagles were plagued by injuries all season and found a way to get along with free players and players from their practice group and win their last three regular season games. They won the NFC East with a 9-7 record and secured a place in the playoffs in the process. The team lacked four starters – receiver Nelson Agholor (knee), corner Jalen Mills (ankle), tackle Lane Johnson (ankle) and close end Zach Ertz (ribs, back) – for his win in week 17 over the Giants and lost the run back Miles Sanders (ankle) and Guard Brandon Brooks (shoulder) in play.

While Brooks was placed in an injured reserve at the end of his season, some of the key players in Philadelphia have trained again before embarking on another run after the season.

All-Pro Lane Johnson has been absent since week 14, but has had limited training this week for the first time in three weeks. It is classified as questionable.

"Lane is still working," coach Doug Pederson told reporters on Friday. "He's a tough guy. He really wants to play in this soccer game. We'll find out more today and see where he is at the end of the day before we publish a report. He's working on playing in this soccer game."

Both Ertz and Mills were listed as limited practice participants this week. Ertz suffered a rib fracture, a kidney injury and a back injury in the decisive victory of the Adler in the 16th week against the Cowboys and failed in the 17th week. He has been one of the toughest players on the team throughout his career, but has to face a tough fight until Sunday. It is officially classified as questionable.

"It's still not open to everyone," said Pederson. "He will work a little on the side, as he did this week. Tomorrow we are waiting for some doctor results [Saturday], If things go well, he will play and if not, he will not. "

Sanders, who played an important role in the team's late jump-off, is questionable because he had an ankle injury in week 17 and didn't train this week. However, Pederson was encouraged by his progress, claiming the newcomer "felt good".

Agholor has not trained this week and is rated as questionable.

The Seahawks are hardly injured themselves. After Chris Carson (hip), CJ Prosise (poor) and Rashaad Penny (ACL) lost the first three second rounds towards the end of the regular season, Seattle met former star Marshawn Lynch again, who lost a touchdown in week 17 against the 49ers in his first retired game.

However, Seattle expects multiple starters to return on Sunday.

Safety Quandre Diggs, who missed the team's last two games with an ankle sprain, returned to training this week and was a full participant on Thursday.

Although coach Pete Carroll is not training on Wednesday, he is confident that Pass-Rusher Jadeveon Clowney (Core) will be available.

"He's fine," Carroll told reporters on Thursday. "Well, he practices and leaves. He does his best to be ready for action again."

Seattle will likely get along without Duane Brown, who recently underwent a minor knee surgery. He didn't attend training this week.

"He's working on it," said Carroll. "He's trying to come back. He's going to try. We'll see what he can do. I don't know anything at the moment. There is still nothing he has done in the field."