Earl Thomas von Ravens reacts to the loss of the titans: "Drake curse is real"


After all, the "Drake curse" doesn't seem to be broken.

Some players and fans blame the rapper for the Ravens' defeat against the titans between 28 and 12.

"The Drake's curse is really lol jk," said security count Thomas tweeted shortly after the ravens' dominant season there came a screeching standstill.

The defeat in the AFC division round comes just four days after the four-time Grammy-winning rapper posted an Instagram story on the 23rd birthday of Lamar Jackson.

"More life for your birthday @ new_era8!" Was the story of January 7th. The Ravens shared the gesture on the team's official Twitter account, which immediately raised concerns that the team would be the next victim of the "Drake Curse".

"No, tell Drake to leave LJ alone until after the Super Bowl …" Raven's security DeShon Elliott tweeted in response,

Drake, Earl Thomas, Baltimore Ravens and Drake Curse
Drake, Earl ThomasGetty Images

The "Drake Curse" appeared to have been broken after the Toronto Raptors defeated the Golden State Warriors in the 2019 NBA final. The Canadian rapper was a long-time fan of Raptors, but also showed support for Kentucky men's basketball, Conor McGregor, and Alabama football.

Last year ESPN linked Drake's fandom in a Twitter post on the NCAA National Wildcats Championship. Shortly after Drake posed for a photo with McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov's Irish fighter was submitted in four rounds during UFC 229. The highest seeded crimson tide fell to the Clemson Tigers between 44 and 16.

The A.S. Roma football club even has prohibited their players from taking pictures with Drake out of superstition during the season.

Before the defeat on Saturday, the Ravens were the only team in the Super Bowl to lose a game despite being 10 or more points ahead according to Adam Schefter from ESPN, Failures on both sides of the ball, as well as the dominance of the titans that Derrick Henry retired, ultimately proved costly. Quarterback Lamar Jackson collected a total of 508 yards and completed 31 of 59 passes for a touchdown and two interceptions.