Earn money blogging 💸 7 steps to a successful blog in 2019!


Are you looking to take advantage and earn money blogging? Starting your own blog is one of the best ways to start making money online, but there are many misconceptions when it comes to blogging. In this video, we will review the 7 steps to follow to start making money online with a blog.

1️⃣ Understand which blogs are successful today! (5:40)

Gone are the days of blogging about your Starbucks coffee or what your dog did yesterday (thank God!) Now, to be a successful blogger, you need to create highly valuable and authorized content. This includes writing well-researched articles of more than 2,000 words, in some cases 5,000 words or more!

2️⃣ Create a WordPress website hosted by yourself! (13:54)

You need a self-hosted WordPress site, period. Do not make the mistake of going through a drag and drop site generator such as Wix or Squarespace. Build your site from day one.

If you need help setting up your WordPress site, see Fiverr. They have countless professional concerts that can help you get going.

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A custom domain will cost you around $ 12 per year, and this will seriously increase the professionalism of your blog. I recommend Google Domains.

Google domains
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Next, you must decide on the host of a website. Who will publish your blog on the Internet for others to see? This is possibly the most important step. A slow blog will kill your SEO. I use and recommend SiteGround.

Learn more about SiteGround (Web Host)
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The speed of the website is huge when it comes to SEO. If your site is slow, you will not rank for lucrative search terms. I would recommend doing a speed test of blogs in your niche to see where the bar is set.

Google PageSpeed ​​Insights (Check site speed here)
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3️⃣ Mark your website with a professional logo! (26:31)

The next step is to get a custom logo for your website. It is important that your site looks professional. Nothing screams amateur like a site without a proper logo.

I order all my logos on Fiverr. They cost around $ 40 to $ 50, but it has been worth every penny. When you invest some money in your blog, you will take it more seriously.

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4️⃣ Conduct keyword research (31:08)

The research phase of a new blog is huge. This is what will ultimately determine what content you will write. I personally use and recommend the free Google Keyword Planner.

Google Keyword Planner
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Your goal with this new blog is to create a silo. SEO siloing is an advanced strategy, but it is extremely effective. Essentially, it has its central or cornerstone content with different items that branch out from that. Each article also links to the content of the cornerstone.

Learn more about SEO Siloing
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5️⃣ Create a content calendar! (46:43)

Google rewards those who are consistent. Create a calendar of when you will post content. It doesn't have to be the same time and day, but if you want to publish once a week, you must commit to that frequency.

Personally, I reinvest my earnings in content for the blog. I hired a writer locally, but there are tons of freelance professional writers on sites like Fiverr and Upwork.

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6️⃣ Guest post on other blogs! (51:43)

This is not mandatory, but it certainly helps. Making guest posts on other blogs will help you develop the authority of your domain. The higher it is, the easier it will be to qualify for lucrative keywords.

The backlinks of other credible blogs are extremely beneficial. On that note, never pay for backlinks or link building services! It will end with a Google fine after wasting your money. These black hat SEO tricks no longer work.

7️⃣ Earn more money with email marketing! (54:05)

The best way to earn more money with a blog without a doubt is through email marketing. If you plan to take advantage of affiliate marketing with your blog, I would recommend using Aweber. This is the email marketing platform I use.

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By offering a lead magnet and collecting emails, you can earn money in the backend. This could be as simple as creating an email autoresponder with a series of affiliate offers, which is exactly what we have done with Investing Simple!

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