Earth Day deals: A chic urban gardening system and a Vitamix compost bin with a discount today – CNET


It is Earth Day and everything comes roses. Well not everything: This urban herb garden from AeroGarden Harvest Elite, for example, mainly consists of herbs, lettuce or whatever decided to grow in it – but that could be roses, I think! The point is that this AeroGarden is very cool and today offers a deep discount in honor of Earth Day, which has dropped from $ 80 to just $ 100 (while supplies last). In other news about Earth Day deals, Best Buy offers a sophisticated Vitamix food recycler and a kitchen compost bin for a $ 100 discount off the sticker price, up to $ 250 for today. Let us enlarge the earth … Daily offers.

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With the unique urban gardening system AeroGarden you can grow a selected amount of herbs, vegetables and flowers all year round regardless of where you live. It is a bottom-free stainless steel jar that contains up to six seed pods that only grow in water. How do you ask? 20-watt LED lighting emulates sunlight for healthy plant growth. This in-house garden system AeroGarden Harvest Elite 360 ​​also features a digital control panel for simplified control and automatic irrigation reminders. This is $ 80 less than the current Amazon price – and a perfect gift for Earth Day or Mother’s Day.


When we write about Vitamix, we generally praise the company’s powerful mixers. But in this Earth Day edition of Deals of the Day, Best Buy hurls the kitchen brand’s comprehensive composting system. The FoodCycler absorbs all of your food waste and organic kitchen waste and produces nutrient-rich fertilizer at the push of a button. (That means less waste goes to landfill.) Oh, and all in about 3-8 hours – a process that can take weeks or months alone. Best of all, there is no bad smell. A carbon filter system is in place to remove odors and methane emissions while cycling, so you can run the FoodCycler inside without worrying about coming by. This is also a solid saving of $ 50 compared to the current Amazon price.