EBE12. How to make a Social Media Plan. Manuela Battaglini (@manuelabat)


The need of companies to take social networks as their major allies makes it essential to have a strategy, a plan in the face of a reputational crisis and to serve their clients, in addition to discovering the importance of monitoring the competition and the sector itself . On a daily basis, businesses venture to create profiles and pages on social networks, but not all of them do it with the help of a professional or at least with a clear strategy, setting quantifiable objectives or with a schedule to follow.

What is a social media plan and why is it essential for companies? How to develop it? Elements, phases, planning, analysis, objectives … Why is monitoring essential?

Search engines in blogs, microblogs and social networks. The influence indicators, the tools that measure the activity in Social Networks. The personal and professional skills of the community manager. How to detect the core of the message and know how to communicate and extend it in networks? Crisis management in the network: Skills to manage problems, conflict resolution. The extraction of information and how to apply it to the company. Extraction of qualitative information not measurable.

Manuela has come to make his introduction to workshops and presentations with a poetry by Mario Benedetti: Do not save yourself. Why? Because according to her, communication in social networks should never be saved. It must be a communication guided by the head (strategy) and inspired by the heart (emotional).

Manuela Battaglini
Manuela Battaglini (@manuelabat) has a Law, Tax and Urban Planning Degree from the University of La Laguna. She has just been appointed president of AERCO-PSM (Spanish Association of Community Managers online and social media professionals) and her professional career is divided between teaching and practicing the profession.

She is a trainer in companies and a teacher in study centers and universities, such as Pompeu Fabra, Menéndez Pelayo, the University of Alcalá de Henares, Gerona, besides giving workshops in various companies and, especially in AERCO-PSM, Spanish association of social networking professionals

She was the first social media manager of Voslkwagen Spain, inaugurating the presence of the brand in social networks with a careful strategy of controls and innovative actions in social networks in our country. She was also the first Manager of Social Networks at Arbora & Ausonia, the few months of directing the brand's network strategy, the community was named by Socialbakers one of the 20 best in the country for its level of commitment, actions and customer service .

She is co-author of the AERCO Virtual Communities Management manual and is now immersed in a professional project that represents a professional challenge for her, the preparation of the social media strategy of a Spanish multinational without a presence on the Internet today.