Elfrid Payton's Knicks future is an emerging question in the hot phase


The Knicks delivered a strong game for Warriors Point Guard D & # 39; Angelo Russell at the close on Thursday – they are still not convinced that they want to continue with Elfrid Payton.

Payton also showed that this should be the case for his second spectacular consecutive run – seven steals, nine assists, 15 points. But his future is as cloudy as ever. Payton signed a two-year contract for $ 16 million, the second was a team option.

"I'm just playing hard," said Payton, who hates talking about himself.

Payton was spared until the close of trading, but the Clippers with Marcus Morris were named the best player of the Knicks. The Knicks Point Guard believes the clippers set them up for the final.

"I think it will be a great addition to them," said Payton. "I think that makes her a favorite from the West. You get a dog, someone who does hard work every night and has one of the best seasons of his career. "

The day before the close, Payton said the Knicks had "enough" on the squad to continue their previous wins and maybe even sneak into a playoff race.

That was probably wiped out when Morris was dealt a draft picks on Thursday, despite the Knicks continuing their third straight win over Orlando and dropping six games from the eighth grid.

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Robert Sabo

If Payton goes on like this, he'll have a career year like Morris. You can say the Knicks record of 16-36 would not look so bad if Payton hadn't missed 17 games in a row (thigh injury) in the David Fizdale era.

Payton's defense is quick and recovered after a one-stage ban for Jae Crowder, who shot a three-point shot against Memphis too late nine days ago.

Payton scored a triple double in Cleveland (17 points, 15 assists, 11 rebounds) – the first kink since Walt Frazier to achieve a triple double with 15 assists.

In the Russell deal, the Knicks swung point guard Frank Ntilikina as part of the package. But a Russell trade would probably have ended Payton's chances of returning to the next season.

"It's nothing to me," said Russell about the trading period. "If I can't control anything, I don't care. My focus was on Orlando. I'm sure it can be nerve-wracking for people to always check your phone and don't know what could happen. Lots of emotions. Am You have to do a job at the end of the day. Overall, it's a hard thing for most people. I have to stay as normal as possible because you have to be able to perform. That has always been my attitude. "

Payton, 25, averages 9.4 points, 6.8 assists and 4.6 rebounds. However, what he doesn't do well is shoot the 3 (24 percent). Still, the Knicks must consider exercising their team option on Payton for next season – that's $ 8 million.

Acting President Scott Perry was part of the brain trust designed by 25-year-old Payton in Orlando in 2014, and he originally tried to act for Payton on the 2018 reporting date.

"I feel like a good leader from Scott, man," said Payton. “Someone that I trust in my career. As you said, he moved me in. I know it has been a tough year, but I still have complete confidence in Scott. I think he has a vision. I trust Scott. Whatever he does, I'm with him. Win, lose or draw, I'm with Scott. "

Ultimately, upcoming President Leon Rose has to make this call, and it is noteworthy that Payton is a Creative Artist Agency client, whose representative is Aaron Mintz.