Eli Manning enjoys the finer benefits of retirement


Just as many of us imagine retirement – making connections with your brother.

Only these brothers are Super Bowl winners.

Peyton and Eli Manning are living their best lives together with other celebrities and professional athletes this week at AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am.

"Just a lot of fun, it's my first time playing in this tournament," Eli told The Golf Channel after the tournament's opening round. "I was a little nervous, you know, I'm a newbie. I'm a beginner, I thought I could get a little confused. I was surprised that I still had golf balls in my pocket. I thought my big brother would who will probably take out of my pocket. "

"It's early, it's still early," replied Peyton.

"I hit it pretty well from the tee," said Eli. “I had a lot of shots and net birdies to help the team, but it was a lot of fun. Be with Kevin [Chappell]to be with Peyton, to be with Luke [Donald] – We had a good day. "

Eli, who has a 10 handicap, and Kevin Chappell are eighth with 8 under par, and Peyton (8) and Luke Donald with 5 under par in 48th place. Peyton joked that Eli's handicap would decrease after his strong performance.

"He was up in the simulator up in New York, I think he sneaked a couple of laps this season too," said Peyton.

"I also had a lot more free time than I wanted, so I used it," joked Eli, 39, back. The long-time Giants quarterback was hired for rookie Daniel Jones earlier this season and announced his retirement on January 22. The 43-year-old Peyton has been retired since 2016.

"We had a bit of a mutual back and we got dressed, and they both know we're getting out of our comfort zone," said Peyton. "I'd rather throw four interceptions before 80,000 than get out of here and push you into the gallery. At least in football, I knew what I was doing. I'm not sure out there."

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning waves to the stadium before retiring.
New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning waves to fans at MetLife Stadium after his last NFL game.Getty Images

Sometimes the Manning brothers fought, occasionally spraying the ball with misses in the forest, but they accepted everything.

"On [hole] Today we were both in the middle of the forest and Eli hit his shot and he hit a tree and bounced right where I was, ”said Peyton. "Then I hit my shot and it hit exactly where it was. It was difficult to do, it was impressive. Perhaps you are calling us to be in our element instead of detaching ourselves from it. "

At the next tee, a fan asked if they would make any side bets. Peyton replied, "Yes, the first one to finish the hole."

Golf has been a link for the Manning family for years.

"I and Eli can play together with my father and [older brother] Cooper, ”said Peyton. "It's probably as good as a foursome for us.… To be together on the golf course for four hours, without a phone and without distractions, we catch up and try to have some fun."

Archie and Olivia Manning live in New Orleans, as does Cooper and his family. Peyton lives in Denver and Eli lives in New Jersey.

Eli told of a recent golf trip with Peyton, during which he sneaked into his brother's room while napping and giving him an "atomic wedgie".

“An atomic wedgie is when you get your underwear over your head. Then it's an atom, ”said Eli. “It was one of my proudest moments. My parents, mother and father were so proud when I told them. "

"As a child, it pays to sit on him and put my knees on his arms and pat on his chest," said Peyton.

"I promise you, I'm still definitely behind for over 39 years," said Eli. “There was a lot of time from 7 to 15 years. I had no defense. "

Canadian Nick Taylor is on the professional ranking at 8-under-par. Patrick Cantlay and Chase Seiffert from the USA are in second place at 6-Under.