Email Marketing: How to Write an Effective Email


Receive my talk "43 Great content ideas for your brand" Email marketing is still a great alternative for marketing and business communication. Although new applications and new social networks continue to appear, it is proven that email marketing has a superior impact that moves prospects and customers to take actions based on their brand.

The mail we receive in our inbox has a personal character that creates trust and connection with the person who sends it.

Of course, it builds confidence, if we have given emails to that person who has sent us emails. Because if we have not given authorization to communicate with us, the opposite effect is created, that is, distrust of the sender.

That is why you should not confuse email marketing with SPAM. Email marketing is a legitimate activity that seeks to increase the frequency of communication with audiences of interest, providing relevant and valuable information that the recipient may be looking for or waiting for.

For its part, SPAM is an invasion of our privacy, of people who unscrupulously have obtained our data and bombarded us with messages that we do not expect or desire.

For an effective exercise of email marketing, you must send emails not only of promotional or sales nature, but with valuable content that demonstrates your knowledge and authority on a subject, but above all that resolves information needs to your base of data .

And even sharing valuable content on your blog, having a database that has given you permission to send information, there is a high percentage of people on your list that will not open your posts.

That is part of the communication that floods our senses, our social networks and our email inbox. But not for this, we must abandon the practice of email marketing.

One of the ways to increase the chances of supporting your email marketing messages is to write strategically, with words and phrases that cause the opening of the email and the click inside it.

In this video I explain how to write effective emails for email marketing

1:19 What is the purpose of the matter of an effective mail?
1:45 How to use curiosity in the matter of an effective mail?
2:34 How to use the direct benefit in the matter of an effective mail?
3:05 How to use scarcity in the matter of an effective mail?
3:35 How to use the results in the subject of an effective mail?
5:19 How are links used within the message?
5:58 The introduction of the message
6:50 The body of the message
8:05 The closing of the message
8:54 The post data of the message

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