Email Marketing Tutorial for Beginners [2020] The | Part 1 of the email marketing mastery course


This is the first part of my new complete email marketing domain series for beginners.
In this series, I will cover almost everything about email marketing and make sure you are a master in email marketing.

After completing this series, you will be able to:
1- Run your own successful email marketing campaigns.
2- Teach email marketing
3- Manage your customer’s email marketing campaigns

In this part, I will cover the following topics:
Introduction to the course 👉 0:21
Important points before starting 👉 1:10
1- What is email marketing? 👉 4:18
2- Types of email marketers. 👉 5:21
3- Why email marketing? 👉8: 16
4- The summary of the Email Marketing system. 👉 11:07

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