Email marketing tutorial: step by step How to send email transmissions to your email list subscribers.


Your email marketing success depends on the quality of your email content and the frequency of your email transmissions. This video shows exactly how to create and send attractive broadcast emails that nurture your list and generate sales.

If you don't have your email marketing system yet, get a free 30-day trial of Aweber here:

Aweber is the email system that I teach in this video and the instructional videos listed below that cover the other aspects of email marketing.

In the previous video you learned my six keys to the theory behind the success of email marketing. If you missed that video, check it out here:

This specific email marketing video will show you how to implement the six-step process you learned in the previous video …

They will follow my screen while I create a broadcast email, implement the email design, test and finally send that email.

These broadcast emails are designed to be sent after your subscriber goes through their tracking sequence. If you haven't set up your tracking sequence yet, go here and watch this video to learn how to set up your email marketing tracking autoresponder:

To see a tutorial on how to write your autoresponder tracking series by email, watch this video:

And, in case you need to build the opt on page 2, collect email subscribers for your email marketing list, these two videos talk about the theory and how to build this type of subscription pages.

First, learn about the types of optional page layouts that create high conversion landing pages:

Once you understand the design and the copy for your voluntary subscription page, you must compile it … I show you step by step how to build your subscription funnel here:

Email marketing is the key and the core of every digital business. Your email list is like the engine that runs your online business.

These transmission emails are the fuel that runs your engine.

I recommend that you start sending your list by email more frequently because not only will you increase your commitment to your subscribers, but you will become a more effective email seller. You will write better and more attractive emails in less time!

Email marketing is one of the key skills that you must learn and master to create the success you want with your online business.