English non-league clubs agree to void the season due to coronavirus, some are still not happy with FA

English non-league clubs agree to void the season due to coronavirus, some are still not happy with FA


Empty soccer field (Photo credit: Reuters)

Empty soccer field (Photo credit: Reuters)

The football association decided to cancel the 2019-20 season results after the three divisions of the fifth division of the National League were wiped out due to the coronavirus crisis.

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  • Last updated: March 27, 2020, 10:35 am

London: The English football season from the seventh league ended with the results of the invalid campaign, said the football association.

There will be no rise or descent of the leagues concerned in an important precedent if the suspension of professional matches is extended due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

“Steps three through six of FA and NLS (National League System) agree that their 2019-20 season is now coming to an end and all results will be erased,” the FA said in a statement.

“This means no advancement or descent of clubs between NLS steps three to six and no advancement in NLS step two.”

Men’s grassroots football and women’s football below the top two levels were also stopped to “advance the game and start planning for the next season”.

The Premier League and the English Football League have so far insisted that they try to end the current season whenever that is certain.


South Shields is considering legal action against FA. “We don’t understand how fast it was in many quarters of the non-league game to end the season so quickly,” the club said in a statement here

“We will write to the FA as hard as possible so that they have no uncertainty about our feelings and will try to appeal if there is a mechanism for it. If the answer does not satisfy us, we will seek legal advice. ”

The FA’s decision also applies to women’s soccer below the Super League and Women’s Championship, while grassroots soccer has ended for the season.

Barnsley Women, currently playing in the National League Division One North, expressed their frustration in a statement and accused the FA of “not taking women’s football seriously”.

“We read with dismay and disbelief the decision announced by the FA today regarding levels 3 and 4 of women’s football.”

“Let us take all necessary and available measures to get the FA to do the right thing,” said the club.

Football is currently blocked until at least April 30. This date is expected to be pushed back at next week’s meetings.

On Monday, the British government imposed further restrictions on free movement only for essential jobs, grocery and medicine purchases, and some form of daily exercise. These measures should take at least three weeks.

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