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Los Angeles: Steve Levitan and Christopher Lloyd, co-creators of the “Modern Family”, are considering a spin-off series with the gay couple Mitch and Cam.

In the series, Mitch is played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Cam by Eric Stonestreet. The show ended its eleventh and final season internationally on Wednesday evening. The finale showed Mitchell (Ferguson) and Cameron (Stonestreet) moving to Missouri.

When asked whether Mitch and Cam going to Missouri have a spin-off idea, Levitan said, “No. I’m not thinking about it personally at the moment.”

“I think there are a few authors who think well about it, there is a spin-off from Mitch and Cam, but they literally just think about it. They use this time that we have to think about now if there is anything Deadline.com quoted Levitan.

“I don’t drive that, but I’m a big fan of Jesse and Eric, and of course these characters are close and expensive to me, and I certainly think they’re strong enough to do a show. For me, I had me really feel like I had to work creatively to work on something new after working on ‘Modern Family’ for almost 12 years and pretty much, “he said.

Lloyd added, “No. We wanted to take her on a new trip, and it seemed symmetrical that Mitchell would follow Cam somewhere and maybe be close to Cam’s family because Cam had played that role in Mitchell’s life for the past 11 years Cam had the opportunity to do something wonderful and exciting. Mitchell felt fine. This obliges me to let him pursue his dream and I will go with him and see what this life is like for me.

“Now that we said yes, it offers an opportunity for us. Will that happen? I’m not sure, but we would probably be stupid not to investigate it. However, spin-off is difficult in many ways We will not do it if we are not sure that there is something. I do not want to say that it is a long way. It is discussed, but we will see. We do not want to jump into something like this, especially because it is modern Family is a difficult thing, but it is a possibility, “continued Lloyd.

“Modern Family” navigates through the lives of members of the Pritchett family and has won hearts because it shows a varied picture of an American family with issues related to a gay couple, adoption, dating, young pregnancy and ethnicity.

When asked about other spin-off options, Lloyd said, “I would be happy to follow these people. I have enjoyed living with these characters for a long time. I would like to see what happens to Phil and Claire in this RV and I would like to know what Dylan and Haley’s life is like when they turn into Phil and Claire, but in a way the audience will do it, that’s why you send people on new trips because the audience can almost do it Do the writing for you and you can imagine what these new episodes would look like. “