Etah Murder: Woman killed 4, including two sons, before committing suicide, police say


Etah: Uttar Pradesh police claimed on Sunday (April 26) that they cracked the Etah murder case, in which five family members, including two minors, were found dead in their home. According to the police, the family’s daughter-in-law committed the crime by mixing poison into the food and then committing suicide by slitting her wrist.

Police said the forensic test carried out on the bodies found that four people had toxic substances in their bodies, but a one-year-old child was choked to death.

On the evening of April 25, bodies of five family members were found at their residence in Singar Nagar, Etah. After receiving the information, the police rushed to the site and sent the bodies for autopsy. The deceased included retired health worker Rajeshwar Prasad Pachauri (80), his daughter-in-law Divya and their two children (10 and 1) and Divya’s sister Bulbul.

SSP Sunil Kumar Singh told ANI yesterday that the bodies were found separately in the house and foam and blood were seen by two children. He also said there were signs of injury to Divya’s sister’s neck. The police said they had recovered an empty bottle of toilet cleaner, sulfate tablets and blades from the site. The milk sample available in the house was also sent for forensic examination.

The police said there were no signs of a violent entry or exit into the house after a preliminary investigation.

According to the police, after finding that there was no reaction or movement in the house, the neighbors looked through the window when they noticed one of the bodies lying on the floor. They immediately informed the police about the incident by telephone at 8 a.m.

Further investigations into the case are ongoing.

According to the police, the five bodies were handed over to Divya’s husband, who works for a pharmaceutical company in Roorkee.