Everything you want to know about CJ custom packaging


In a previous video, we received a request comment to make a video tutorial about custom packaging. Custom packaging is really an important feature that worries our partners because it helps build their own brand or make their products different from others, leaving an impressive impression on customers. So, in today's video, we are doing a demonstration that shows how this function works and we answer the questions that concern you most.
Q1: Could you put my logo on the customized package?
Q2: Could I have my logo in the original packaging?
Q3: Do you have MOQ for custom packaging?
Q4: What is the cost?
Q5: Do I have to pay an additional shipping fee?
Q6: I don't want other people to see my packaging, is it viable?
Q7: Can I buy inventory of custom packages?
Q8: What store should I choose when buying custom packages?
Watch the video and discover the answers ~
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