Ex-NFL star brother Brian Urlacher was indicted in the offshore gambling ring


A mayor of the Illinois village, who is the brother of former Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher, has been accused, along with several other people, of running an offshore gambling business.

The 40-year-old Mayor of Mettawa, Casey Urlacher, and nine others, including a policeman, were charged with conspiring and running an illegal gambling business that generated millions of dollars, prosecutors said Thursday.

Casey Urlacher reportedly recruited Wetter in return for part of her eventual losses.

"I don't know anything about it," he told the Chicago Sun-Times when asked about the allegations.

Before joining politics, Casey played football at Lake Forest College and the Arena Football League. In 2013 he was elected mayor of the village with around 550 inhabitants.

The indictment also mentions Nicholas Stella, 42, an 18-year-old Chicago police veteran. After being accused of acting as an agent, his law enforcement powers were revoked.

"Those who enforce the law should understand more than anyone how important it is to obey the law," police superintendent Charlie Beck said Thursday.

"The allegations against suspended police officer Nicholas Stella are very serious and, if proven, undermine everything the men and women of the Chicago Police Department represent," he added.

The alleged ringleader is Vincent DelGiudice (54), who allegedly paid a service fee for the use of his online platform to a sports betting company based in Costa Rica and recruited players.

Brian Urlacher
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Casey told the Chicago Sun-Times that he didn't know a bookmaker named DelGiudice.

"I don't know who you are talking about," he told the newspaper, although the prosecution claims that he asked the suspect to create a login and password for a player on the website.

Brian Urlacher was not mentioned in the indictment.

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