Facebook Video Marketing: Tips and strategy to GROW your social networks 📹


Facebook Video Marketing is the way to increase your reach on social media. Just follow these simple video marketing tips to improve your social media marketing strategy today. Check the timestamps to navigate the video ⏩ 0:30 | Current average range on Facebook

1:15 | Advantages of video marketing on Facebook
2:17 | Start with Video Marketing
3:42 | Tools for making videos
6:37 | Content Calendar

No time to create videos, try using animated GIFs 🗣️
Look at this video:

When it comes to that, there really is no ideal, wave a magic wand and you’re the kind of way to grow your social media marketing strategy.

The video works because it cuts noise and captures our attention. We are drawn to shiny things that move quickly. It is biology. And once you have the user’s attention, it’s time to follow the golden rule of social media:

Create compelling content that answers a real question, solves a real problem, and treats the viewer like a real person.

What are you struggling with the most when it comes to using video as part of your social media strategy?

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