10 Factors that Make a Great Content Article in 2020

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Content is one of the foremost critical element in SEO. I know that content alone is not enough. However, good content that provides a lot of value to the user will make the SEO website much easier. But what makes Content so great? That is the question that I will help you answer through the most realistic examples and illustrations!

Good content is not always text

The assumption that content text is completely wrong.

Content also includes many other optimal content formats such as:

  • Picture
  • Chart
  • Video
  • Presentation slides
  • Infographic
  • Meme

Sometimes an image is worth a thousand words! In fact, I advise you to go beyond thinking about just text. Instead, create as many special types of content as possible to attract the attention of users visiting the website.

Good content is when you know how to use visual elements to explain concepts

The visual elements have been optimized to help users easily glide through and grasp the content. And in particular, they make difficult concepts easier to understand than conventional formats.

In fact, various types of visual content are favored and shared on social media. And even, sometimes also used in blog posts or presentations to help bring many backlinks to the website.

In addition to improving text quality or readability, these visual elements also make the content more engaging and easier to share because interesting images can attract users on websites. socialize in seconds.

The actual statistics show:

  • People remember 80% of what they watched, but only 20% of what they read
  • Businesses using infographic growth in traffic 12% compared to businesses that do not use
  • Infographics achieved 95% of the read-understand rate of the user, while with normal text, this rate is 70%.
  • Infographic has a read rate of 80% more than plain text


Good content uses interactive elements for a great deal of experience beyond reading

Besides visual elements, interactive experience is also a remarkable part of Content marketing that helps to engage users. And one of the most commonly used interactive content formats is surveys and quizzes.

Even more interactive types of content are often shared and keep users on the site longer. From there, it is highly likely that they will read all the content, click on other articles, or return to the website the next time they search for information.

However, first, you need to make sure to optimize the title, meta description, and add automatic elements to your pages. Especially when you encode interactive experience elements in Javascript.

Moreover, you also need to provide signals for search engines to know the presence of these interactive experience elements on the website.

Good content must aggregate the content of the top 10 search results

Google has always wanted to provide the best results for user queries. This result is defined as the most accurate, relevant, clear, and coherent answers given from the most reputable sources possible.

It means:

Your article should summarize and aggregate the 10 URLs that appear on page 1 of that query. Your website or article has the highest authority.

Pay attention to how the titles and meta descriptions of these top 10 competitors are written, and from there try to create a prominent title and description tag, and convey a certain value. Another important aspect is that your content needs to provide answers to user questions. By searching for keyword SEO in your English and looking at the “People also ask” dialog, it increases relevance. of the content and increase the ranking of these answer boxes.

Good content is built on empathy and understanding

Empathy is the key to responding to user needs. You need to understand the problem users are facing through their queries. Google is usually quite careful in understanding the user’s wishes.

Example: You search for the phrase “what to do when starting a business”. Google understands that you are looking for the general steps to take when starting a business, so it shows a systematic chunk of the steps the user intended. Therefore, the content with the closest structure will be displayed first priority.

Similarly, the answers related to “what business with little capital”, “legal issues in business”, … will also be highly appreciated by Google.

Good content is formatted in a simple and effective way

Providing information is essential, but it also needs to be presented, clearly laid out to help readers absorb.You should use bullet points, ordering and inserting headings, and illustrated tables to make your post layout look cleaner and more organized.

Not only that, but the content must also be designed so that it is mobile-friendly, computer-friendly, with easy-to-see fonts, with clear titles and captions to distinguish it from the rest.

Good content is written by someone who has expertise in the field

Expertise is also quite important for content in Organic Search.The best person to write about business matters or legal obligations should be a lawyer knowledgeable about starting a business. An outsider can only write general knowledge. They cannot understand the complexity, barriers, or practical applications.

Just like if you search for the phrase “what to do when starting a business”, Google will display the names of a few books written by experts. You should do more research on the Google results pages to Create the best content possible.The writings of the authors who are experts in many specific fields often have specific titles. For example Doctor or Professor, …

Good content must have a clear focus

Google Cloud Natural Language API understands that your content is focusing on the topic of the article or not. It has the ability to understand entity entities related to the topic and therefore it can measure their relevance via “Topic Relevance”.

For example, when you are writing about cars, you should also write about other related issues such as color, car cost, windshield, etc. These subtopics have different contents but all of them. are all related to the theme of cars.

Good content must be optimised for Entity

The entity is things, things, people, … such as place, name or a certain concept. These entities are grouped into topics according to a given relationship.Google has used this Entity concept to build a Knowledge Graph (Google knowledge graph) and extend to Knowledge Graph 2.0.

The most important thing is to include your main keyword (a main entity of the post) in the following sections:

  • Meta Title
  • URL
  • content
  • In addition, you also need to add your main keyword:
  • Meta description
  • Post title
  • H1
  • Alt tag for images
  • Internal links

Most importantly, you need to respond to the user’s search needs, spread the content to relevant entities, as well as build content that provides useful and entertaining content.

As I mentioned earlier, the text in this post should cover all the subtopics, but if you want to make sure you cover all the relevant entities, you can use tools like:

  • Searchmetrics Content Experience Suite
  • Clear scope
  • Google Natural Language API

Good content is long enough to cover all information and as short as possible

Long posts are not a must, but often long posts contain more sub-topics and provide more in-depth information, but it is only good when it contains useful information not lengthy useless information.

Conclusion: Google’s perception of the concept of “good content” has always changed over time

SEO is changing from day today. And so is the content!

In the early days when SEO first appeared, SEO simply inserted a few keywords to the top.

In 2020, user engagement will play an extremely important role in content quality. Evaluating the level of user interaction is a difficult thing to do or measure accurately, because there is no certain standard for bounce rate, time on site, CTR, … according to industry or website type. ..

Each type of content and business area and type of web have its own scale. For example, a query from a user to see “football results” cannot have a time on site of up to 10 minutes like a search for “HIV research”.

The most important thing is: You should focus on how users interact with the quality of that content rather than on the quantity of content you create. And because Google evaluates both quality and quantity, you should still make sure your content is optimized for both the “technical” factor.