Fan screams "scammer" when Patrick Reed misses the putt that lost in the playoffs

<pre><pre>Fan screams "scammer" when Patrick Reed misses the putt that lost in the playoffs


Patrick Reed does not seem to have removed his fraudulent stigma and receives a loud reminder.

A fan also injured Reed and shouted "scam" when the former Masters champion with Xander Schauffele and Justin Thomas survived the 8-foot birdie putt well at the Tournament of Champions in Hawaii on Sunday. A visibly angry Reed stared at the fan as he quietly expressed his displeasure.

Thomas won the event with a birdie, although Reed was late on a hot putter fighting his way into the playoffs.

"The bottom line is, if you don't have a birdie for victory," said Reed, whose 7- to 66-year-old scored the best points in the tournament. "But really, I gave myself an opportunity. I put myself in a position to have a chance and in the end I needed some help and they gave it to me so that I could even get into the playoffs. "

The label "Cheater" stems from an incident at the December Hero World Challenge, in which Reed was given a two-stroke sentence after video material was released showing that he had improved his lie in a sandy garbage area. Reed didn't feel it was right to cheat because he wasn't "deliberately trying to correct the lie".

Reed followed the following week throughout the Presidents Cup in Australia. On the third day of the event, Reed's Caddy and brother-in-law Kessler Karain got into a fight with a fan after his four-ball match. Karain claimed the fan told Reed that "you damn it" and that some fans at the Presidents Cup have gone too far ". He was taken out of his pocket for the last day and Reed helped the Americans make a comeback.

Reed actually used the rules to his advantage in the final round of the Tournament of Champions. He moved his ball closer and solved the lie on the 15th green due to the original proximity to a value cover. He missed the Eagle Putt but did birdie.

Still, Sunday is an indication that fans who express their displeasure with Reed don't stop and may have to grapple with it during the PGA Tour season and beyond.

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