Five reasons why you really don't want to miss the TechCrunch show AI and Robotics on March 3rd

<pre><pre>Five reasons why you really don't want to miss the TechCrunch show AI and Robotics on March 3rd

The fourth TechCrunch Robotics and AI Show will take place on March 3rd in Zellerbach Hall at UC Berkeley. If past experience is a clue, the show will certainly attract a large crowd (cheap student rates here!), But there is still time to get a pass. If you're wondering why you want a full day of interviews and audience questions with the world's best robotics and AI experts, keep reading.

It's software / AI, stupid. So said (in so many words) the legendary founder of surgical robotics, Dr. Frederic Moll, last year at Disrupt SF. This year's agenda captures this reality from many angles. Stuart Russell from UC Berkeley will discuss his provocative book about AI – Human compatibleand the deeply important topic of AI “explainability” will be in the foreground Karen Myers from SRI. Krishna Gade from Fiddler Labs and UC Berkeley Trevor Darrell, Then there is the task of developing and maintaining robots, be it at startups where Freedom Robotics Joshua Wilson comes along in or with large companies D. Scott Phoenix,

Robotics founders have more fun. That's why we have a panel from three top founders in agricultural robotics as well as another three on construction robotics and two on human assistive robotics, Plus a pitch competition with five other founders, each carefully selected from a large pool of applicants. We will also bring some of these founders back for a separate audience Q&A. Meet the big names of tomorrow in robotics today!

Large companies also make robots. Nobody knows that better Amazon Top roboticists Tye Brady, who already presides over 100,000 warehouse robots. The editors are excited about the next steps in Amazon's ambitious automation plans. Toyota is The focus of robotics is mobility James Kuffner, TRI-AD CEO of the Toyota Research Institute, and Max Bajracharya, TRI Vice President for Robotics will discuss projects they plan to launch at the Tokyo Olympics. And if that's not enough Lucy Condakchian from Maxar Technologies will show Maxar's robotic arm, which will travel to Mars later this year on board the fifth Mars Rover mission.

Robotics VCs are chill (once you get to know them). We will have three check authors on the stage For the big talk about where the best investments are coming up – Eric Migicovsky (Y Combinator), Kelly Chen (DCVC) and Dror Berman (Innovation Endeavors), as well as two separate audience questions, one with remarkable robotics / AI VCs, Rob Coneybeer (Shasta) and Aaron Jacobson (NEA) and a second with the VCs Quinn Li (Qualcomm) and
Kass Dawson (Softbank).

Network, recruit, repeat. Last year there were 1,500 visitors to this fair and they were the cream of the robotics world – founders, investors, technologists, managers and engineering students. Don't expect anything less this year. TechCrunch's CrunchMatch app makes it easy to meet people, and the event takes place in Zellerbach Hall at UC Berkeley – a sunny, happy place where great conversations are naturally held. Don't miss it.

Our early bird ticket sale ends this Friday – book your tickets today and save $ 150 before prices go up. Students can book a discounted ticket here for just $ 50.