Flame trainer Bill Peters resigns after being accused of using racial abuse

<pre><pre>Flame trainer Bill Peters resigns after being accused of using racial abuse


Bill Peters resigned as coach of Calgary Flames, a Alberta national ice hockey team, on Friday, just days after being accused of racist allegation against a player a decade ago.

Flames general manager Brad Treliving received and accepted a letter of resignation from Peters on Friday morning. "As of now, Bill Peters is no longer a member of the Calgary Flames organization," he said in one Explanation on the team's Twitter account.

The player, Akim Aliu, who was born in Nigeria, said on twitter on Monday, when he was playing for a minor league team a decade ago, white Peters dropped the N-bomb on me several times in the locker room in my beginner year because he didn't like my choice of music. "

Aliu said that he "rebelled" against the coach for using the bow and that Peters retaliated by advising executives to lower Aliu into the lower league.

On Tuesday the N.H.L. said in a statement Peters' alleged behavior was "repulsive and unacceptable," and Treliving said the team had launched an investigation into Aliu's allegations.

In one letter At Treliving on Wednesday, Peters apologized for using "offensive language". He said that he knew that his comments "caused both anger and disappointment" and that he took responsibility for the things he said.

Bob McKenzie, a hockey commentator and reporter at TSN Hockey, shared this letter in a Twitter post On Wednesday. A spokesman for the Flames confirmed the authenticity of the letter on Thursday.

"I was rightly challenged because of my language use, and I immediately returned to the locker room to apologize to the team," Peters wrote. "I have regretted the incident since it happened, and now I apologize to everyone who has been adversely affected by my words."

Aliu was not mentioned by name in the letter.

In a statement on twitter On Thursday, Aliu said he found Peters' letter "misleading, insincere, and worrying."

"I received an invitation from the N.H.L. to discuss this situation, ”he added. "Out of respect for this process, I will not publicly respond to the statement or discuss the racism and discrimination that I have experienced until after my meeting."

Alius' allegations date back to the 2009/10 season when he played for Rockford IceHogs, a daughter of the Chicago Blackhawks.

Aliu expanded his allegations with TSN, a Canadian network. He told the network that Peters had racially insulted him before other players. Two of his former teammates confirmed his account, the network said.

After that, Peters left "as if nothing had happened," said Aliu.

Further allegations against Peters surfaced on Wednesday when he was accused of hitting and kicking players while coaching the Carolina Hurricanes, The Associated Press reported.

Another racial language scandal in the Canadian hockey world broke out earlier this month when Don Cherry, a fixture on the "Hockey Night in Canada" television program, was released after making widespread statements on the radio that were considered attacks patriotism applied to immigrants.