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Google Nest Mini-Lab

Google Nest Mini-Lab

Google has achieved a significant amount of additional bass and overall better sound with the Nest Mini Smart speaker released last year.

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Google Home has many hidden talentsBut for 72% of smart speaker owners, all they really want to do is play music. The thing is yours Google Home or Nest smart speakers (the one with the better sounding bass) is only as good as the streaming music service it is connected to. To do this, you need to make sure that you set it up immediately.

Linking a music service to your Google homepage may sound like a basic task, but it is a task that far too many people "later" save in a hurry to set up their smart speakers. However, if you do, your speaker may not play the music you want, especially if you are already paying for a streaming service like Spotify or Pandora.

But do not worry. Whether you already have a Google Home or Nest speaker or are setting up a speaker for the first time, it can make the difference between limited access to the music you love and an almost unlimited world of music, if Allow yourself five minutes to make a few simple adjustments to the musical possibilities.

Find out what plans you can use to get the best possible music from your Google Home or Nest Smart speaker and how to set them up to work seamlessly. "height =" 110 "width =" 196

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New Nest Mini promises better sound and smarter functions


Link your services and choose a default setting

If you don't link the music services you use to the Google Home app, you'll be disrupted with a general YouTube music account with limited playback options and annoying ads. This also applies if you link your paid account but use YouTube Music as a standard service.

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Spotify is the world's most popular music streaming service and compatible with smart speakers from Google Home and Nest.

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Every time you request a title, artist, genre, or broadcaster without determining which service you want to use, Google Home automatically tries to play your request from your standard service first. Therefore, you want to use the best you have.

To link your music services to Google Home:

1. Open that Google Home app and tap yours profile icon in the upper right corner.

Second Tap in the middle of the list Assistant settings.

Third tap Services Tap in the top menu bar music (For Sirius XM, tap radio).

4th Find the services you are using and tap shortcut icon (The chain link symbol to the right of each service).

5th On the screen that appears, tap Connect account,

6th Enter your username and password for the service you are linking to and tap registration,

When you've linked all the services, just tap circle To the right of the one you want to use as the default. (Note that SiriusXM cannot be set as the default because it is a broadcast service.) You can also choose No standard, but with so many free services, why should you?

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Google Play Music is one of the few remaining streaming services that allow you to upload your own music to a cloud-based locker.

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How to choose your music service

With just one of the six options for Google Home Music Services, you can play music that you may actually own. Google Play Music is one of the last remnants of this aging method of transferring music to all of your devices. The future of music is obviously – and inevitable – streaming.

Also, keep in mind that none of the free plans that work with Google Home will allow you to play specific tracks when needed. When you request an artist or a title by name, the service creates a custom playlist inspired by your request. From then on, it is a crapshoot whether or not the song you asked for is played.

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Pandora was one of the first music streaming services to offer custom radio stations, but has since grown into an on-demand service that resembles Spotify.

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Here are your six Google Home music service options:

  • Youtube music is a relative newbie, but his library is as robust as everyone else. A big bonus is that the YouTube premium tariff of $ 10 a month not only restricts advertising for your music, but also eliminates advertising for YouTube videos.
  • Google Play Music YouTube Music is basically a digital file locker that sounds like a bonus until you find out that the Google Play Music Family Plan doesn't eliminate YouTube video ads like YouTube Premium does.
  • Pandora made a name for itself a decade ago with the first algorithmic radio stations. Nowadays, Pandora has two paid tiers: $ 5 for ad-free on-demand music and $ 10 for the same. You can also create playlists.
  • Spotify continues to top the list of CNET's best music streaming services, also because it has the most versatile free tier. That said, if you want to spend $ 10 a month on Spotify Premium, you should consider YouTube Premium instead of the ad-free bonus videos.
  • Deezer is considered the French rival of Spotify in Sweden, but beyond that we don't have much experience with the service. Although Deezer offers a free tier, only the paid premium plan works with Google Home.
  • SiriusXM regularly offers some incredible deals on Google Home devices and is also the top floor of pay-to-play music services. You currently get a Nest Hub smart display and standard six-month SiriusXM service for $ 69. That's $ 30 less than the current device cost.
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SiriusXM regularly offers huge discounts on Nest Hub smart displays with a six-month subscription to the radio service.


After improving your music experience on Google Home, we recommend taking your listening experience to the next level Wall-mount your Google Home Mini or Nest Mini speakers for better sound and responsiveness. If there are multiple smart Google Home speakers scattered around your home (and you have five minutes), you can do that too put a complete audio system into operationAlso by tapping a few settings. Finally, check out our preview of some of the new Google Assistant features They are expected to appear on Google Home devices in 2020.