Fox Sports extends Super Bowl 2020 reporting with a quarterback twist


MIAMI – Fox Sports signed three of the largest name quarterbacks in NFL history for its Super Bowl 2020 digital coverage on Sunday.

Drew Brees, Brett Favre and Joe Montana will speak with host Joel Klatt in a suite at the Hard Rock Stadium about the game on a show broadcast on Fox Sports social and mobile platforms.

The network calls it "Fox Sports Super Bowl LIV Watch Party".

It's a real second-screen experience, as the game isn't shown in tune as ESPN does with its alternative MegaCast broadcasts in college football.

Instead, viewers must have the game on their TV and then view Brees, Montana, and Favre on another device.

"Our goal is to promote the medium of digital live production," said David Katz, executive vice president of digital programming at Fox Sports. "To show that we can work with the industry's greatest talent in a real-time format that is fan-friendly, interactive, and complements the show in every way."

Katz said that since the NFL 100 team will be on hand, he wouldn't be surprised if other former players came by for a series or two. The audience can ask the questions of the quarterbacks with the hashtag #AskTheLegends.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, caffeine, Fox Sports app and website are the platforms that are used.

"For the first time, fans can sit in the living room with Brett Favre, Joe Montana and Drew Brees, three legends who have all played in the biggest games under the bright lights," said Katz. "Your memories and stories will surpass these incredible moments on the field."

On the way up: Brady Quinn was not someone who thought of becoming a football analyst. At Notre Dame, he was a political scientist and major in finance, so broadcasting was not a goal.

After back surgery in 2013, Quinn was physically different than his then coach, Rams Jeff Fisher, suspected that he might be good on television.

"I started exploring these options," said Quinn.

Fox Super Bowl banner for watch party
Fox Super Bowl banner for watch partyFox Sports

Quinn tried to play with the dolphins the next year, but he quickly knew that his back wouldn't allow it.

After a strong college run, he had a "disappointing" professional career in his words. However, it didn't help that it was related to instability in coaching and management.

Now, in his second career as a broadcaster, he's fine. Quinn stood out in Fox’s new college football pre-game show "Big Noon" and shows extensive knowledge as a presenter on SiriusXM’s NFL channel. He is on the way up.

"They're always keen to be the number 1 guy, get their analysis, get their opinion, or want to tune in and watch and listen," Quinn said on Radio Row.

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