Fraud Astros even broke Mike Trout

<pre><pre>Fraud Astros even broke Mike Trout

The best baseball player believes that Astros players got away lightly.

Mike Trout, the normally reserved Angels superstar, more known for his game than his soundbits, ripped open the Astros for fraud during its 2017 World Series campaign and questioned the discipline of MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred.

"I disagree with the punishment," Trout told reporters on Monday. per The Athletic, "I have lost respect for some of these people."

These are some of the strongest comments the 28-year-old three-time MVP has made during his career. The Astros' illegal sign-theft program has produced pitchforks from all over Florida and Arizona as players report for spring training, and Trout joins the choir.

This includes getting involved in the summer controversy with Jose Altuve. While MLB's report found that the Astros had cheated in 2017 and part of 2018, but not in 2019, the viral clip from the end of Altuve's 19 ALCS, which didn't want his jersey torn off, sparked a Twitter rumor- Firestorm that has penetrated the baseball world.

"You can take my shirt off," Trout said. "If you meet a Homer to send your team to the World Series at home, you can do whatever you want with me."

These comments reflect what Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez conveyed last week. When he did a home run to secure a place in the World Series, he said, “You can tear my pants off. Everything. You can tear everything down. "

Carlos Correa claimed that one of the reasons Altuve didn't want to take his shirt off was that "he had an unfinished tattoo that looked kind of bad."

On Monday, Altuve issued this tattoo to reporters, although no pictures have appeared. Several reporters said the tattoo read "Melanie" as a tribute to his daughter.