🎓FREE Google Ads Course for Shopify Dropshipping | Google Adwords 2020 course


Hello, ecommerce for Kings Family! 🤴👸

In today’s video, I will give you a Google Ads course‼ ️

This course will cover:

Set up your Google Ad account – 3:04 – 6:56

Keyword search metrics – 6:56 – 10:40

Cost per click metric – 10:40 – 13:19

What products work best in Google Ads: 13:19 – 14:26

How to predict the success of Goolge ads – 2:26 PM – 5:15 PM

The key factor for the success of Google ads: 17:15 – 18:35

Keyword match types: 18:35 – 23:38

Countries to target – 23:38 – 24:28

Keyword research – 24:28 – 29:04

Configuration of the first campaign – 29:04 – 34:20

When to kill keywords – 34:20 – 35:12

When to scale your Google ad – 35:12 – 35:56

Let me know what questions you have as I will answer all questions in the comments within the first hour.

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DISCLAIMER: Any advice I give is based solely on my own experience and research. There is no guarantee as there are many variables that will affect your success. Everything indicated must be taken as an opinion.

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