Free Google Adwords Course 2019


Free Google Ads Adwords Online Course 2019

Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) is a service and program of Google that is used to offer sponsored advertising to potential advertisers.

Google Ads sponsored ads appear in:

On the results page (SERP) along with the results of natural or organic searches. Up to 4 ads are displayed at the top and up to 3 at the bottom of the page, they differ from organic results because they include the legend "Ad" in green along with the visible URL.
This area is called Google Ads Search Network and Search Network Partners, which includes other sources related to Google.

In areas of web pages, in the form of banners, which can be images, videos or text. This is known by the creators of web pages like Google Adsense. Google shares the revenue from this type of advertising with the owners of the web pages. In Adwords, this area is called the Display Network. Ads are more flexible than text ads in the Search Network. Ad types include images, dynamic banners, videos, richmedia etc.

Google Ads is the main source of revenue for Google and is a dynamic advertising payment method for the customer. This means that the user will pay or charge for the traffic generated in one direction or another. Advertisers, with the concept of pay per click, will only pay for those ads that have been clicked. On the part of the owners of web pages, they will charge based on the number of clicks that the ads on their web page have generated.

With the introduction of AdWords in 2000, Google gave up its initial policy of staying as a search engine completely free of advertising. Until that time, the absence of advertising wanted to be a sign of the independence of the search results, as well as a guarantee for the speed of loading of Google pages.

Google Ads can be activated on Google search pages, as well as on the many websites that belong to the Google advertising network. There are similar advertising programs operated by other search engines (such as Yahoo! Search Marketing or Bing Ads, from Microsoft).

In July 2018, after the most important change in the interface of the platform, I also decided to change the name of this service and happens to be called Google Ads:

"This new name reflects the full range of advertising options we offer on Search and Display networks, on YouTube and on many other sites and web platforms." two

Google Ads was born as a reaction of the technology giant to the imminent loss of market by Facebook Ads and that is how only through this platform can be scheduled on the Display, Search network (through "Smart Campaigns", which it will be the new advertising module), YouTube, Google Maps, etc.

With the concept of pay per click, PPC, pagan advertisers on Google for every click a user makes on their ad. It is the business model known as in its initials in English (CPC, cost per click).

The price of each click is not fixed but is established by auction and quality level. Therefore, it depends on supply and demand as well as other factors that determine the quality and relevance of that ad.

The classification of the ads is done on 3, 7 and 10, which are the packages that Google usually offers in the search results. The fact that an advertiser located in one position or another is determined just like the price. Your position varied due to the payment you make per click, the relevance of the ad and the landing page, with the search made by the user.

Thus, there are advertisers who have paid $ 0.03 per click to advertisers who have paid $ 54 per click.

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