"Fresh Juice" shows what happens when romance takes a dark turn

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Love, they say, is blind. But would that make people in a relationship harm their parents? Fresh juice, a short film by Binoy Nalanda, raises this question.

The film tells the story of schoolmates Shameer and Hasna. Although Hasna completely ignored Shameer at school, she contacted him a few years later and a romance blossomed between them.

Their families are kept in the dark while they talk on the phone for hours. But at some point the duo takes a drastic step to avoid interference from Hasna's mother, and that has far-reaching consequences.

Binoy Nalanda

About the running time (51 minutes), which may be long for a short film, Binoy says that it should prepare the audience for the intense climax. The film also has songs.

“This is based on the life of a couple I know. Many of my friends have told similar cases. The film is not against romance. However, caution is required for parents who blindly trust their children, ”said Binoy, who had supported several directors in Malayalam before working with Sathyan Anthikkad.

The line-up includes Balaji Jayarajan, Thanuja Kartik and Maala Parvathi. The music comes from Sanal Vasudev and Sameer Haq is the cameraman. The editing is done by Arun Raghav.

"This is my step to become a director. And it was my friends and my brother who launched the project as producers, ”added Binoy.

The film is on YouTube.