Frightening children with the Snapchat spider filter | Compilation


People began to scare their children with this Snapchat spider filter. Watch some videos!

Twitter user AmirafromForestGate (@Munyajiri) shared a video of his nephew reacting to the terrifying Snapchat filter. "No, look at the stress on my nephew's face. If you have a small child nearby, hahaha, use this same filter. Let's make a thread and laugh at how silly the children are," he tweeted with the video. Then, people started sharing their own videos on Twitter.

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"The creepyly realistic filters are sweeping social networks with parents enjoying the reactions of their frightened children, particularly during Halloween. A proud uncle shared a video of the face of his terrified relative, who can be seen screaming in fear while a virtual spider crawls over his mouth and eyes His video, and similar ones, provoked warnings from some on Twitter, particularly among those suffering from arachnophobia: fear of spiders, "The Sun reported.

"Parents are posting videos of their children testing a Snapchat filter that makes them think that a huge spider is crawling on their face, and it's hard to see. It's not an exaggeration to say that even an experience like this could create a fear of for life spiders. How is this funny? Parents who do this: shake your head. This is not good, "wrote the magazine Today & # 39; s Parent in their blogs.

Source: Twitter (Tara Mhitsu, Carlee Hanley, Lesley Hernández, César Valverde, Kira Cook)

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