G20 countries & # 039; Responsible for helping developing countries to overcome the COVID 19 crisis in the corona virus: King Salman in Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia’s King Salman said Thursday that the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis requires a global response, adding that it is the responsibility of the G20 countries to help developing countries overcome the crisis and its effects help. At a G20 virtual summit, he said: “It is our responsibility to help developing and least developed countries to expand their capacities and improve their infrastructure to overcome this crisis and its effects.”

In his opening speech, he said: “We are holding this meeting to assume our responsibility as leaders of the world’s largest economies to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, which requires us to take decisive action on different fronts in the beginning I greet you all to this extraordinary summit and thank you all for your participation. “

He expressed his sadness at the loss of life worldwide and said: “This pandemic has severely affected people’s lives and I would like to express our condolences to all countries around the world and their respective citizens for the lost lives Pandemic that wishes all infected people a speedy recovery. “

“The impact of this pandemic has spread to the global economy, financial markets, trade, and global supply chains. It is hindering growth and development and reversing the profits made in recent years. This humanitarian crisis requires a global response. The world is counting on it we have to come together and work together to meet this challenge, “he added.

In the health field, the Saudi king said that all necessary measures should be taken to curb the spread of COVID-19 and protect human health. “We appreciate the effective action that various countries have taken in this regard. We reaffirm our full support for the World Health Organization in coordinating efforts to combat this pandemic. To complement these efforts, the G20 must take responsibility for strengthening cooperation Funding for research and development for therapeutics and a vaccine against COVID-19 and ensuring the availability of essential medical care and equipment. “

He added: “We also need to strengthen global willingness to counter infectious diseases that could spread in the future.”

In economic terms, the G20 is playing a key role in addressing the economic and social impact of this pandemic, given the slowdown in global growth and financial market turmoil. “We need to have an effective and coordinated response to this pandemic and restore confidence in the global economy.”

He welcomed the measures and measures taken by countries to revitalize their respective economies, including stimulus packages, precautionary measures, sectoral measures and measures to protect jobs. “It is our duty to strengthen cooperation and coordination in all aspects of the economic policy adopted,” he added.

On the trade front, the G20 needs to send a strong signal to restore confidence in the global economy by resuming normal flow of goods and services, particularly vital medical care, as soon as possible, he added.

“The G20 has previously demonstrated its effectiveness in containing the severity of the global financial crisis and its ability to overcome it. Today, through our cooperation, we are confident that together we will overcome this crisis and advance into a future where All people thrive, thrive and are healthy, “he said.