Gang members who boasted of Snapchat murder jailed for life Coventry #StreetNews


Enroy Ruddock has been sentenced to life imprisonment today for the murder of Emmanuel Lukenga. You will have to meet a minimum of 21 years before you can apply for parole. Bradley Richardson and Matthew Kinchen were also sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of 22 years and 19 years respectively. Kyle Kinchen was sentenced to 27 months for arson and Rilee Madden received a community order to serve 100 hours for handling stolen goods.
A Coventry man who stabbed a father and boasted about it on Snapchat has been convicted of his murder, along with two others, at Warwickshire Justice Center today (Thursday, January 30).

Emmanuel Lukenga was the father of a small child with another on the way, when he died of a stab in a garden after climbing a fence to escape his attackers in June last year. He was only 21 years old.

Emmanuel, known as Manny by his friends and from Cavendish Road in Tile Hill, had been involved in old disputes between rival properties in Canley and Tile Hill that escalated on June 12, 2019. Manny and his friends had been seen in Canley and rivals took exception to this. On a stolen motorcycle, Kyle Kinchen and passenger passenger Enroy Ruddock, who were carrying a can of gasoline, embarked along with Matthew Brankin and Bradley Richardson in a Berlingo van to seek retribution. They found that the red Astra Manny had been seen driving in Milrose Way and set it on fire.

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