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Garden Room 10

Garden Room 10

A plant sensor that takes action.

Chris Monroe / CNET

Like others intelligent plant sensors, GardenSpace knows when your flowers need a drink. This great garden guard, who starts on Kickstarter on the first Tuesday, goes a few steps beyond the norm by actually watering your plants for you and spraying pests away.

GardenSpace overlooks your garden during the day and takes photos to monitor the health of your plants and water them when needed. You can use the app to tell GardenSpace what you're growing and get more detailed care recommendations.

GardenSpace combines information from an infrared thermometer, an infrared camera and a normal RGB camera, which are attached to the front of the rotating head. The water stress and the general health of your garden are calculated. It can monitor up to 100 square feet and provides tailored care for every plant in the area.

At night, GardenSpace acts as a sentry and uses its motion sensors to look for and ward off animals with a jet of water. "height =" 110 "width =" 196

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GardenSpace sprays plants or pests to …


It's solar powered with a backup battery for a cloudy day, and it's fairly easy to set up – attach it to the floor and attach a normal hose. I saw GardenSpace in action and it is bigger than I expected – it reached to my waist. This height gives him a bird's eye view of the action and the right angle to spray water anywhere in his radius.

The app was not yet ready for a demo. Supposedly, it can take you through any additional maintenance steps you need to hand in your plant, and can give advice on what to grow and when to plant.

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This plant sensor is quite large.

Chris Monroe / CNET

I like the idea of ​​a smart garden gadget that takes daily maintenance and guesswork off my plate. GardenSpace also acts as a kind of security guard for your garden. So if he delivers on his promises, he's a much more active aid in finding a green thumb than the other plant sensors we've tested.

GardenSpace will be delivered to Kickstarter supporters next year. You can pre-order it now with a discount. In retail, the sensor is priced at $ 400, so it has to reach its full potential to achieve such luxury. GardenSpace will be available internationally and the US price will be converted to around GBP 300 and AU $ 500.