"Gauthamante Radham" – the story of a car and its family

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Film director Anand Menon is nervous and excited as his first feature film, Gauthamante Radham, everything is ready to reach cinemas today.

This film is a dream that he has been carrying around for almost two years. This is Neeraj Madhav's first film after his hugely successful appearance on the Amazon Prime web series The family man, Anand says he wrote the script with a view of Neeraj.

“The film shows the three phases of Gauthaman's (Neeraj) life. Neeraj has a youthful innocence about him, he's the boy next door who, in my opinion, was able to tell what I was up to, ”says the 25-year-old. The film shows what a family's first car means to them – "the emotional bond they have with the vehicle".

This is Anand's first feature film, but not his first. He has been making shorts since he was in grade 10. The Eureka moment about how he wanted to entertain others happened when he was on stage as a student in class 8. "I understood that my job is to entertain. I was an actor, but I was more interested in the script part. “He made short films and even starred in some, including Viral magneto,

Anand had to wait almost two years to make this dream come true, because it took a while before he met Neeraj, who was filming The family man and then it was about finding a producer.

"The floods of 2018 also delayed the project because we were volunteers. When I wanted to hand in some material in a camp in Kochi, I saw Neerajettan There. I asked him if I could tell the story, but he said he would listen another time. "

In between, the actor had to go to Ladakh to shoot and Anand was in Dehradun for some time. He was tempted to go to Ladakh "only about 400 kilometers from Dehradun to meet him, but he said we would meet at home because he was filming." ,

They started filming in mid-2019. Some of the creative team members – Basil Joseph (artistic director), Appu Bhattathiri (editor) and Vishnu Sarma (camera) – had worked in Berlin Kunjiramayanam, The music comes from Ankit Menon.

This film brings together two elements of his life that he is passionate about – driving and films. “I'm crazy about cars and I really like to drive. Gauthamante Radham is a family film, it has autobiographical elements, a healthy dash of humor and is understandable to most people, ”he says. Of course he's nervous about the release, but he's pragmatic: "I don't expect too much, cinema is unpredictable … let's see what happens."