Gerrit Cole responds to Gleyber Torres' 2019 allegations of Astros

<pre><pre>Gerrit Cole responds to Gleyber Torres' 2019 allegations of Astros

TAMPA – Gerrit Cole met Gleyber Torres for the first time on Monday. This was the day the Yankees shortstop heavily accused the Astros of last year, which Cole had contributed to the World Series by beating the Yankees in the ALCS.

On Tuesday, the Yankees 'ace responded to Torres' allegations that the Astros had stolen signs.

"He has a right to his opinion. It's an emotional issue for everyone, ”Cole told The Post at Steinbrenner Field Clubhouse after the Yankees' first spring training. "I'm just saying what I said before that I didn't see anything and I thought we were clean."

Cole's impressive success in the past two seasons when he went between 35 and 10 with 2.68 ERA in 65 starts for the Astros, and a nine-year contract for a whopping $ 324 million make his locker a popular stop in the early days of the year camp. He treated the attention very professionally, as the 29-year-old discussed with Torres.

"Maybe in time if it shows up organically," said Cole about Torres’s strong allegations of fraud. "People have to do what people have to do. It is their own opinion. "

As for Cole's spring training plan, he won't compete against the Blue Jays at Steinbrenner Field, which airs on YES, when the Grapefruit League kicks off on Saturday. Aaron Boone has J.A. Lucky for the task, saying Cole could appear in a game "a few days after".

Cole will do a second live punch practice on Wednesday. If the right-hander works every fifth day thereafter, he would set a schedule to be ready for the opening day against the Orioles on Mach 26 in Baltimore after five spring excursions.