Get Home Sample Collection Service from Trusted Lab


The idea of spending long hours in a lab, clinic or a hospital for screening or lab tests is nothing less than demotivating. Many people also ward off visiting the preventive screenings as well as lab tests as they do not enjoy the idea of battling the city traffic. This is where the concept of home sample collection comes to their escape. 

Many times, travel-related stress can increase the risk of infection and delay recovery in the patient. The concept of home sample collection is, therefore, the most suitable option using which any person can prevent these horrible events. Today, several healthcare services and hospitals have started introducing and extending the service of home sample collection. These service providers do not let you compromise on your health simply because of these deterrents. Hence, to make sure that high-quality healthcare becomes more accessible to you, these services offer home sample collection. 

Home sample collection, as the name suggests, includes a service where the representatives from all the healthcare providers, clinics, and hospitals visit you at your home in order to provide all kinds of diagnostic services such as screenings, and lab tests. There are a number of advantages of opting the service of home sample collection and this is why this trend is becoming famous by each passing day. 

Under the home sample collection, all the trained technicians, as well as healthcare specialists, arrive at your doorstep in order to collect the important samples of you or your sick family member. These healthcare specialists also tend to conduct various medical examinations and collect samples right within your own comfort zone. Home sample collection is considered to be the best option for all the elderly as well as chronically ill patients or the patients who are recovering post-surgery or are bed-ridden. These people usually find it difficult to travel long distances for their lab tests and hence home sample collection comes to their escape. 

These people can easily benefit from the services provided by well-trained and qualified healthcare providers within the comfort of their homes. With the concept of home sample collection, a person can also get all his tests done timely and have a better track of his overall health. Thus, this service helps a person to maintain a fuller and healthier life. 

Some common tests which are carried out during home sample collection include the following: 

  • Complete blood picture 
  • Blood sugar levels 
  • HbA1C levels 
  • Prothrombin time and INR 
  • Liver function tests 
  • Kidney function tests 
  • Thyroid function tests 
  • Cardiac markers 
  • Arterial blood gases 
  • Serum electrolytes 
  • ECG
  • Portable USG 
  • Urinalysis. 

After the tests are being conducted, the person receives the results of the tests the very next day either by email or post respectively. 

Apart from being the most convenient option for the elderly or chronically-ill patients, home sample collection is also very affordable in nature. The testing processes, methods, and technology used during the home sample collection are as similar as in the hospitals and laboratories. Home sample collection is all about quality sample collection as well as standardization. Get in touch with the nearest service provider for home sample collection now.