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Echo Show 8-3-2

Echo Show 8-3-2

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Stay at home. Don’t be a vector. These are the agendas, the strategies to stop the spread of the Corona virus. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you can’t connect with friends and relatives. With smart displays, you can enjoy Jetson-style video calls. And at the moment one of the best of these displays is on offer: get it Amazon Echo Show 8 for $ 75.55 at Staples if you Add this filler in your shopping cart and then apply the voucher code 91787.

The Echo Show 8 has a list price of $ 130, although it’s (currently) often on sale $ 100 on Amazon). This price is one of the lowest I can see for a single unit.

Amazon has just optimized the formula in Echo Show 8 so that it shines over its siblings. The 1,280 x 800 pixel display is larger than your phone and is therefore ideal for watching YouTube cooking videos in the kitchen. It also has a physical camera shutter to protect privacy. in the CNET’s review of Echo Show 8David Priest called it the best model from Amazon. Not surprisingly, it’s also a model that CNET has put on the list the best smart displays.

If video calls are a priority, your friends and family don’t need to own that show. Each of them will do it. (In other words, an Echo Show 8 can call an Echo Show 5, a first generation Echo Show can call an Echo Show 8, and so on.)

Can you ever have too many Echo devices in your home? At the moment I tend to say no. On the other hand, the robot apocalypse has not yet happened. Ask me again if Alexa demands our loyalty in return for curing the corona virus.

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