Getting rid of James Dolan would solve everything for Knicks: Paul Pierce

<pre><pre>Getting rid of James Dolan would solve everything for Knicks: Paul Pierce

Paul Pierce has a quick fix for the Knicks and it echoes the chants that filled Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night.

The former all-star and current ESPN analyst believes the franchise can change hands and names Clippers as an example of how it worked in the past. The Knicks, owned by James Dolan, are in the middle of a 13:36 season that has become ugly on the way to their seventh straight loss.

"I've been talking about this for the past 5-10 years. This is not a new low for the Knicks because you can't hit a lower low than before," Pierce said on ESPN's "The Jump" Thursday. "Everyone is waiting for that this franchise has a certain relevance.

“Free agents pass it on. Loses (Kevin) Durant and Kyrie (Irving) in Brooklyn and doesn't get Zion (Williamson). Something has to change for the Knicks, and I firmly believe that the situation will change as soon as they get a new owner. You saw it with the clippers. See what happened to the clippers. Now they are a multi-year playoff team, they have a better line-up and they are now a team fighting for the championship. "

Former Clippers owner Donald Sterling had to sell the team in 2014 after he was affected by a lifelong ban when a recording appeared in which he made racist comments. According to a 2014 Grantland article, the franchise had struggled under its influence and had the worst profit share of all four major American sports since the team was bought in 1981.

Since Steve Ballmer took over as owner in 2014, the Clippers have become a more attractive franchise company, and have landed Kawhi Leonard (through a freelance agency) and Paul George (through retail) in this past off-season hoping to win a championship ,

In the meantime, the Knicks hit another low on Wednesday in their 21-point loss to the Grizzlies. This included a last minute fight in which the Knicks insulted Jae Crowder with a 3 before the music drowned them out.