Giants' Leonard Williams is looking for a career with Richard Seymour

<pre><pre>Giants' Leonard Williams is looking for a career with Richard Seymour

Leonard Williams is looking for more than just a big payday.

Williams sought out former Patriots and Raiders defender Richard Seymour for training help as he tries to take the next step in an enigmatic career. A photo tweeted by Williams shows the duo together, and ESPN reported that Seymour invited Williams to his home in Atlanta to review the movie and attend training.

"I worked with him and evaluated what I think his strengths and weaknesses are," Seymour told ESPN. He is 25 years old. He is young. Athletic. Can run like a deer. "

The Giants exchanged a selection for the third round in the NFL Draft 2020 and either a fourth or a fifth round for the Jets in 2021 to acquire Williams last October.

It was a strange and much criticized deal, considering that the Giants didn't want to go anywhere with two wins and Williams is a free agent who has no promise of a new signing. The Giants' exclusive window for negotiating an extension with Williams will be open in four weeks when the unrestricted free agency opens.

Both sides have expressed interest in staying together. The market value of Williams is estimated by to be $ 8.2 million a year, but top defenders earn almost double and see themselves in an elite streak.

Williams had 11 quarterback hits in eight games with the Pass-Rush-starved Giants, after five in seven games for the Jets, which in its fifth season gave up their previous No. 6 overall selection on the trade. Despite the late arrival, he only followed Markus Golden (27) and Lorenzo Carter (13) for leading the Giants.

But the story with Williams is that he is a near miss as a pass rusher. He accumulates the rush, the pressure and the hits, but has only 2.5 sacks in his last 26 games. He is a good defender.

Seymour retired in 2012 with 57.5 bags in 12 seasons. He was a finalist in the Pro Football Hall of Fame this year.

"I respect the hard work of the guys coming in rounds four, fifth, sixth and seventh, but it's different when you are the type and you have to perform at this level, basically with a goal on your back all the time and live to it. And exceed expectations, ”said Seymour. "I told him it was really about competition. Competitive. And hanging out and being with people who have the same mindset and are in this environment all the time. It helps in terms of what you want to achieve."