Giants will only look at Jason Garrett in the acidic Matt Rhule scenario

<pre><pre>Giants will only look at Jason Garrett in the acidic Matt Rhule scenario

The Giants will only consider Jason Garrett as a head coaching job if Matt Rhule fiddles his interview with the team on Tuesday.

That's according to Paul Schwartz of the Post, who reported on Monday that the Cowboys' recently beaten head coach is "a fallback option that the Giants will consider – but only" if Rhule is going badly. "

Rhule, Baylor's highly regarded head coach and favorite of the Giants job, will meet in New Jersey with the franchisee, in which co-owner Steve Tisch will also participate.

This is remarkable because Schwartz reported: “Tisch was not present at every interview. if he was not there in person, he called the candidate after the formal interview. "

Rhule met the Panthers at his Texas home on Monday, but he seems to lack the job of head coach of the Giants. The Cowboys hired former Super Bowl winner Mike McCarthy the day after Garrett split.

Garrett was associated with the Giants during his last season with the Cowboys, but the Giants seem to have their eyes on Rhule, the 44-year-old New Yorker who revived Temple and Baylor and as an assistant to the offensive coach for the giants he served in 2012.

The Giants have already interviewed six other coaching candidates, including McCarthy, and have been waiting for Rhule to return from vacation after his college football season ends.

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