Gleyber Torres believes Astros cheated again in 2019

<pre><pre>Gleyber Torres believes Astros cheated again in 2019

TAMPA – As a successful fraudster, Gleyber Torres doesn't see why the Astros would ever have stopped breaking the rules to defeat their opponents.

The difference is that Torres cheats on video games. The Astros made it on a larger field.

The Yankees' shortstop, when it officially reported to the camp on Monday, made it clear that the Astros had illegally stolen signs not only in 2017 and 2018, but also in 2019.

"If you cheat and won in 2017, why don't you do it next year and next year?" Torres said. "It is safe … if I play video games with you and we stand in front of the TV and I have seen your control and I have seen what is coming and I am winning and you tell me:" (Let's play again) "? the same thing, and they certainly did 17, and they did 18 and 19.

He can talk so well about bullying in video games, Torres explained with a laugh, because "When I face (Luis) Severino, I can see the control."

23-year-old Torres, who wasn't one of the 2017 Yankees who officially fell victim to the Astros plan (according to Rob Manfred's report), added, "It's not respectful of baseball if you cheat. We're frustrated .. It's really easy to compete when you know what's coming. "

Still, Torres said, "I don't want to say they cheat (ed) and we didn't go to the World Series (last year) because we lost. We missed too many opportunities when we played at home. When we played also played in Houston. "

However, that didn't seem to mitigate Torres' anger.

When asked whether this scandal affected his relationship with Astros' second baseman Jose Altuve, a Venezuelan compatriot, Torres said, "Many people in (my) family ask me the same question. I have a really good relationship with Altuve. In Venezuela you heard his name from Miguel Cabrera. He is currently one of the best baseball players. It's difficult for me to see. But man, I don't want to say anything to Altuve about the relationship. We come from the same country. But if he did everything he did, it's not fair.

Altuve said he hadn't heard of Torres' comments when asked about it later on Monday.

Torres added, "Personally with Altuve, I know he's a really good guy. Modest. I've never heard anything bad from Altuve. I still have a really good relationship with Altuve. But I don't feel good."