Google acquires AppSheet to enable the development of no-code in Google Cloud

<pre><pre>Google acquires AppSheet to enable the development of no-code in Google Cloud

Google today announced the purchase of AppSheet, an eight-year-old no-code platform for building mobile applications. PitchBook said the company had raised more than $ 17 million on an estimate of $ 60 million. The companies did not share the purchase price.

With AppSheet Google Organizations can easily create mobile apps without having to write a line of code. Data is retrieved from a worksheet, database or form and the field or column names are used as the basis for creating an app.

It is integrated in Google Cloud and already integrated in Google Sheets and Google Forms. However, it also works with other tools, including AWS DynamoDB, Salesforce, Office 365, Box, and others. Google will continue to support these other platforms after the contract is signed.

As Amit Zavery wrote in a blog post about the acquisition, the goal is to give everyone the opportunity to create mobile applications, including companies that lack the traditional resources to build a mobile presence. "With this acquisition, businesses can help millions of citizens build and extend applications more easily without the need for professional programming skills," he wrote.

In a story we hear repeatedly from start-up founders, Praveen Seshadri, co-founder and CEO of AppSheet, sees the opportunity to expand its platform and market reach on Google in a way that it could not do as an independent company.

“There is great potential to better leverage and better integrate many of Google’s impressive resources, such as G Suite and Android, to improve the functionality, scale, and performance of AppSheet. We expect to be able to combine AppSheet's core competencies with Google Cloud's broad industry expertise in industries such as financial services, retail, media and entertainment in the future, ”he wrote.

Google sees this acquisition as the expansion of its development philosophy with no-code functions as well as workflow automation, application integration and API management.

No code tools like AppSheet will replace demanding development environments, but they will give companies that don't have a mobile app the opportunity to bring something neat to the market.