Understand how it works or Google Ads Adwords for Beginners, in this basic course you will learn about how to advertise. Google Ads Adwords 2019 and 2020

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How it works or ad by palavra-chave

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Or Google Ads AdWords is the main advertising service of Google and the main source of reception of the company representing 96% of the quota 37.9 Bilhões of dollars that a company faturou in 2011. The US service. UU. Or the Custo por Clique (CPC) and (CPM) advertising system consisting of advertisements in the form of links found, mainly, research mechanisms related to palavras-chave that or Internet user is investigating. Being a way of acquiring highly segmented advertising regardless of which advertiser or organization. AdWords ads are displayed along with Google’s search results, such as content and search sites, Display Network Calls, Google’s crescent Google Ads network, which includes AOL, EarthLink, HowStuffWorks and Blogger.

Classification two ads
An ad position on the results page is defined by the formula:

Classificação do anúncio = Maximum CPC X Qualification Index

The Quality Index is specific to historical performance hair on Google: its click-through tax (CTR), a relevance of the ad text, or palavra-chave performance history, a landing page quality and our relevance fat .

In summary, Google values ​​advertisements whose content is most closely related to the search carried out, and how difficult it is for companies to open advertisements for us to find out about sectors not related to their branch of activity.

CPM – Custo por thousand impressões
Constant num system no qual or advertiser pays an agreed value for the amount of time that he or she has seen consumer hair, regardless of its subsequent year. This agreement is normally stipulated or value per thousand impressions.

CPC – Custo por Clique
It consists of the unqualified numerical system or advertiser pays an agreed value for the amount of time that either is advertised and not just viewed, allowing the advertiser to pay a value value subject when or corresponding user clicks on SOMETHING. He considered by mutes a fairer form of publicity, given that the user who carried out a search just clicks, but does not advertise that he is inclined to buy.

Display Network
I announce to you only on sites parceiros do Google (as or Gmail itself), site and blogs that are not created by Google affiliate program, established as Adsense. Many blogs and even carriers of notifications available Google advertising blocks on their respective pages.

Conta: Qualquer counts Google, like Gmail, for example.
Campanhas: nive em consideção to raise a campaign for each product line or services of your site.

Different bells for devices, between desktop and mobile. Practical example: você trabalha with bandages of products for babies, crie uma campanha for vestuários and outra for acessórios. Advertising groups: Divide each type of product and place in specific groups. Create a group for baby sapatinhos, outro for macacões, and there you go.

Palavras-chave: addition as corresponding palavras-chave for each ad group.
Advertisements: set up titles, descriptions and destination pages.

Types of Ads not Google Ads Adwords

Advertise us search engines (SEA / SEM) Adwords
Anúncios na Rede de Pesquisa Google (Search ads)
Announcements to Google Search Network of Chamada (Call only)
Anúncios na Rede de Pesquisa Google Dynamic (Dynamic Search Ads – DSA)
Announcements to Google Research Network for mobile device application installations
Advertisements on Google Research Network and Parceiros Network

Announcements na Display Network (GDN) Adwords Ads
Text ads na Rede Show Google
Graphic Announcements na Rede Show Google
Dynamic Announcements na Rede Show Google
Announcements of Engajamento na Rede Display Google (Light Box)
Announcements of Engajamento na Rede Display Google (Rich Media)
Banners Announcements na Rede Display de Aplicações (Admob)
Gmail Announcements Sponsored Promotions (GSP Ad Gallery)
Gmail Announcements Sponsored Promotions (GSP HTML / Form)

Video Announcements (YouTube Network) Adwords
Announcements of Visualização (YouTube on screen)
Announcements Video in Research YouTube (Search in Youtube)
Overposi Announcements (YouTube Overlay)
Video Ads Anonymous (Youtube Trueview)
Video ads do not ignore.