Google Ads bid strategies explained 2019


Welcome to our Google Ad Bid Strategies video. We will cover all the different Google AdWords bid strategies that are available. We will cover some of the best practices of bid strategies, whether you're testing Google conversion bids, manual bids or automated smart bid strategies.

Google Ads bid strategy article on Surfside PPC:

Definition of the Google Ads bid strategy: The Google Ads auction takes into account your bid and other auction time factors that make up your quality level. The Google bid strategy you choose will determine the amount you bid when you enter the ad auction. One of the factors that make up your ad ranking is your bid, so your bid strategy is the bid method you choose for your Google AdWords advertising campaign. Set up a bid strategy for Search, Display, Purchasing and Video campaigns, and generally your strategy will be to generate conversions, conversion value, clicks, impressions, video views or participation.

What are the different types of bid strategies available in Google Ads? We review this question below by answering all the different options and strategies you can use for your search, visualization and video campaigns.

Google ad offering strategies:

Bidding strategies that drive and optimize conversions as potential customers and sales:

Target ROAS (return on advertising spending)
Target CPA (cost per acquisition)
Maximize conversions
Enhanced CPC

Bid strategies that generate and optimize clicks:

Maximize clicks
Manual CPC

Bidding strategies that drive and optimize views and commitment:

Cost per commitment

Bid strategies that drive and optimize impressions:

Percentage of target impressions
Destination Search Page Location
Goal Exceeding Fee
Visible CPM (vCPM)
Target CPM

Portfolio offer strategies: Portfolio offer strategies allow you to set offers automatically for several campaigns. Create a portfolio offer strategy or see the performance of an existing offer strategy.

How do I change the bid strategy in Google ads? You can change the bid strategy through the campaign settings, or you can use portfolio bid strategies and apply them to your campaign.

What are automatic bid strategies? Automatic bidding strategies allow you to create your campaign, create your ad groups, target keywords and create ads without worrying about bidding for them. Google Ads will automatically optimize your offers with certain bid strategies, sometimes called smart bid strategies or automated bid strategies. Some of these include Target ROAS, Target CPA, Maximize conversions, Maximize clicks and more.

What are the automated optimization strategies available in AdWords? The best way to automate your campaign is to configure your targeting, multiple ads per ad group and use an automatic bid strategy.