Google Ads Remarketing Tutorial 2019


See our Google Ads Remarketing Tutorial for 2019. We will review Google’s redirection ads and how to create remarketing audiences based on your website traffic, YouTube channel and more. Google AdWords remarketing has been one of the best graphic advertising strategies since the feature was launched, and continues to be a recommended practice.

We review Google Ads remarketing settings for 2018-2019 and beyond. You can learn exactly how to create Google remarketing audiences using Google Analytics or Google Ads.

Google Ads Remarketing:

We start by showing you the Audience Manager section in Google Ads. From there, we go to Google Analytics and make sure that our Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts are linked. Once your accounts are linked, you should ensure that you have remarketing enabled in Google Analytics, which will allow you to create audiences and publish them in your Google AdWords account.

Google Image Ads Tutorial 2019:

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Google Ads Tutorial 2019:

Google Ads remarketing tag: you don't really need to use the Google Ads pixel to create your audience. We show you how to do everything through Google Analytics, which is much easier because you generally want to configure Google Analytics on your website independently.

Google Ads remarketing cost: the cost is no different than your standard Display Campaigns, all you need to do is set up your audiences and target them as you would with custom-intention audiences, market audiences, related audiences and more. We strongly recommend the use of smart bid strategies such as Target CPA or Target ROAS so you can generate leads, sales and conversions.

How to set up Google remarketing: First, you must make sure you have a source to create audiences, whether you use the remarketing tag or Google Analytics. Then, you want to set up your audiences and post them to Google AdWords. There are a variety of audiences that you can create. Once you create your audience, you can set it as your orientation in your Ad Groups as you create a Google Ads graphic advertising campaign. You can also use remarketing audiences for search ads and for your video ads. We focus more on remarketing lists for image ads.

Remarketing lists: Our Google ads reorientation tutorial will show you exactly how to create audience lists based on your website, application, videos and more. Once you create the lists, whether you want to target people who have visited specific pages, new users, recurring users and more, you can easily target them in your campaign.