Google Adwords tutorial 2019 with step by step tutorial


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This video will show you the different steps to create your first ad in Google AdWords. I will guide you through the five processes below:
1. Keyword research (8:09)
2. Set up a campaign (10:39)
3. Set up an ad group (11:33)
4. Configure Adwords (13:53)
5. Advanced functions (17:07)

Adwords course:

First, you must have a Gmail account. Sign up for one if you don't have it yet. Once you have set up your account, you can access and then click on "Start now".

Keyword Research
This step is to discover what someone would write on Google to find your product and try to find keywords related to it. You can do it with Google Keyword Planner, a free tool that Google provides. To get access to this, you must create your first ad.

Once this is done, go to Tools and then click Keyword Planner. If you already have a list of keywords and just want to find the search volume and the forecast of how many clicks, click "Get search volume and forecast". However, I recommend that beginners find new keywords. Enter the words you think will be used to search for your product in the search area and the keywords will be displayed. Repeat this process and find as many keywords as possible.

Set up a campaign
Go to "All campaigns", click on the plus sign (+), then "New campaign". Click "Search" for search ads. These are ads that appear when you search on Google. Click on "Website traffic" and, at the bottom, enter the URL of the website to which you want to send traffic. Enter the name of the campaign.

When setting up your campaign, here are some ways on how you can save some money:
Uncheck "Include Google search partners"
Uncheck "Include Google Display Network"
Just select locations that are right for you
For the budget, you can start with $ 5 / day for beginners. For the delivery method, choose between Standard and Accelerated. Accelerated means that Google will spend your budget as quickly as possible. Standard means that the expense will occur over the course of the day.
Change ad schedule

Set up an ad group
Ad group are words that when people search on Google, your ad will appear. There are different types of match for your keywords: broad match, phrase match and exact match.
Broad match: in this type of match, a person can write whatever they want and their ad will still appear. This type of match allows Google to create synonyms for you. For this, I recommend that you use the modified broad match, which is to place a plus sign in front of the keyword, to save a lot of money.
Phrase match: Regardless of whether there are words before or after the keyword phrase, your ad will appear.
Exact match: Your ad will only be shown if a person enters the exact words. If something is added, your ad will not appear

Configure Adwords
You can search on Google and see what appears with the keywords. Here are some tips for writing a good headline:
Include the keyword you are targeting
Include a number if possible to make it stand out from a lot of texts
Talk about the benefit of your product.

Be sure to make good use of the description part. Remember that you will pay every time someone clicks on it. The more clicks you get, the cheaper you will pay for each click.

One tip that will also save you a lot of money is to focus your campaign on computers. In my case, I find that computers have a much higher conversion rate. Click on a specific campaign and then "Devices." For the other devices, click decrease and then 100%.

Advanced features
Add negative keywords: If any of the words included in the negative keywords are included in someone’s search query, your ad will not appear. This is especially useful for broad and phrase match types. Some common negative keywords include discount, target, walmart, surprising. You can also go to, type the keywords and see other words that are added. From there, you can discover which words are good and which are not.

Add a list of negative keywords: You can group your negative keywords and apply them to multiple campaigns.

Google Ad Editor: This software allows you to edit in bulk. If you plan to load many campaigns and accounts, it is a great tool to use instead of running campaigns manually.

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