Google AdWords Tutorial – Google AdWords step-by-step tutorial for beginners


See our Google AdWords Tutorial for 2018. Our step-by-step Google AdWords Tutorial for beginners is a great way to get started with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and Google ads. Google AdWords campaigns can help you target keywords and generate relevant traffic to your website to generate leads and sales.

We have made a Google AdWords Tutorial for 2017, but this is our updated Google AdWords training video. If you are not sure about Google Ads, if you want to do search engine marketing, display advertising and video advertising on the Google network, we can help you get started with our educational videos.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is a PPC advertising platform where you can target search keywords (among many other targeting options) and generate relevant traffic to your website. It is an excellent way to reach customers ready to buy and boost sales, as well as to take people through their sales funnel. Most large companies are running Google advertising campaigns because they have a great platform where they can measure their results and optimize their marketing dollars.

In addition, we answer what is Google AdWords in our video here:

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We wanted to offer you many Google AdWords training videos that include strategies, tips, best practices, mistakes to avoid and more.

Google Display Advertising

Are you looking for a Google display advertising tutorial instead of our version for the search network? We have a video that shows how to configure image ads and the different targeting options available, including placement targeting, audiences, remarketing, keyword targeting and more. You can find our Google AdWords Visualization Tutorial here:

Google AdWords keyword match type tutorial:

It is important to understand the types of keyword matching, including broad match, modified broad match, phrase match, and exact match keywords. Each type of keyword targeting match includes modifiers. Modified broad match keywords include plus signs before each word that should be in the search query. The phrase match keywords are in quotes and the exact match keywords are in square brackets.

Google AdWords Editor Tutorial:

Google AdWords Editor is software that helps you manage advertising campaigns. You can download it to your Windows or Mac PC and manage your Google AdWords campaign with ease and make massive changes.

Google Analytics Tutorial for Beginners:

Google Analytics is vital to the success of Google AdWords. We start in the video by showing you how Google Analytics can help you measure your advertising campaigns and optimize them. You need Analytics on your website to be able to create goals and import them into Google AdWords as conversions.

Google AdWords Express Tutorial:

Our Google AdWords Express tutorial

Google AdWords keyword bid strategy:

Google AdWords Audience Manager Tutorial:

Linked Google AdWords accounts: AdWords link to Google Analytics, Search Console and YouTube:

Import Google AdWords campaigns into Bing Ads:

What is pay per click advertising (PPC)?

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Video description:

We begin by analyzing the importance of Google Analytics and how you need to install it on your website. After that, you want to create goals in Google Analytics that you can track. You can configure key performance indicators (KPIs) as your goals, including sales, leads, site visits, duration goals, booking goals and more through Google Analytics.

After that, we show you how to import Goals into Google AdWords as conversions. Actually, you can set up website conversion campaigns to optimize sales opportunities or potential customers based on the conversions you upload. The most important thing is to maximize the conversion value and the return on advertising investment and the return on investment (ROAS and ROI).

When you're set up with your conversions, we'll show you how to create a Google AdWords search network campaign. Google AdWords campaigns can be difficult to understand, but we show you campaigns, ad groups, keyword targeting, keyword match types, Google AdWords ads, ad extensions, ads, campaign settings, location targeting , ad scheduling, ad rotation, Google ad networks, search partners and more.

The most important part of our Google AdWords Tutorial is to understand that you must be patient and optimize your campaigns. Try different ads and landing pages in addition to adding negative keywords.