Google Completes $ 2.6 Billion Acquisition of Looker

<pre><pre>Google Completes $ 2.6 Billion Acquisition of Looker

When Google announced it was buying the data analytics startup Looker for $ 2.6 billion, it was a big deal on several levels. It was a lot of money and it was the first big business run by Thomas Kurian. The company announced today that the deal was officially closed and Looker is part of the Google Cloud Platform.

While Kurian was happy to announce this looker was officially part of Google In a blog post, he made it clear to his family that the analytics arm would continue to support several cloud providers outside of Google.

“Google Cloud and Looker share a common philosophy of providing open solutions and supporting customers wherever they are – be it in Google Cloud, other public clouds or on-site. With more and more companies adopting a multi-cloud strategy, Looker customers and partners can rely on all cloud data management systems such as Amazon Redshift, Azure SQL, Snowflake, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and Teradata to continue to be supported, ”wrote Kurian.

As is common in such a business, Looker CEO Frank Bien sees that the much larger Google gives his company the resources to grow much faster than it could have on its own. “Joining Google Cloud gives us better reach, strengthens our resources, and brings together some of the best minds in both analytics and cloud infrastructure to find an exciting path for our customers and partners. The mission that we did as a looker seven years ago is an important step forward from today, ”Bien wrote in his article.

At the time the contract was announced in June, the company published a slide showing where Looker fits into the so-called “Smart Analytics Platform”, which can be used to process, understand, analyze and visualize data. The looker fills out a place in the visualization stack and continues to support other clouds.

Slide: Google

Looker was founded in 2011 and, according to Crunchbase, raised over $ 280 million. Investors included Redpoint, Meritech Capital Partners, First Round Capital, Kleiner Perkins, CapitalG and PremjiInvest. The last business prior to the acquisition was a $ 103 million investment in Series E worth $ 1.6 billion in December 2018.